‘SC’s Star Seniors: Brandon Perez

Michelle Mankoff/Daily Trojan

For many college students, four years of school can seem to fly by quickly. For student-athletes, grueling workouts, travel and the rigors of competing at the Division I level can make it go by even quicker. In this series, the Daily Trojan sits down with senior athletes playing various sports at USC to discuss their experience over the past four years, from their athletic life to their academic life. This week’s senior is Brandon Perez, an infielder on the baseball team who earned ACBA/Rawlings Gold Glove honors last season after posting a .987 fielding percentage.  

Q: What is your favorite memory at USC?

My favorite memory is probably just meeting a new group of guys every year, just creating a bond that is pretty special and that I will never forget after I leave this place. Playing UCLA at Dodger Stadium every year, my first few years playing UCLA at their place — those are pretty special memories.

Q: Do you have any regrets from the past four years?

No regrets at all. I’m very happy with my time here with USC baseball and at the school, so I have no regrets going forward.

Q: What’s one thing about baseball that most people don’t know?

It definitely teaches you about failure. You fail way more times than you succeed in this sport, and that really translates into real life coming out of college.

Q: What’s next for you?

Hopefully I can continue playing baseball after college, and if not, go into a career in real estate development.

Q: Do you have any advice for freshman athletes?

I would definitely say just to enjoy every moment. It definitely goes by fast. Just to really reach out and put your name out there and create your own Trojan network.

Q: What have you had to sacrifice in order to be a student-athlete?

It’s definitely a year-round commitment. We’re starting right when we get to school and we go past even after school gets out. We’re constantly doing work on our vacations. A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into it, being [my] last season, but it’s definitely all worth it.

Q: What is your schedule like?

I usually go to class during the day. Luckily, I’m a senior so I only have night classes. I have an internship right now that I’m going to during the day as well. I come back, go to practice, then to go lift and start all over again the next day.

It’s definitely worth it. Just being around the guys, you’re around them more than your family. They start to become your second family, so it’s definitely worth it.