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Highs and lows of life in Buenos Aires

It’s hard to believe that it was exactly four months ago that I arrived at Ezeiza International Airport with hardly any idea what the semester had in store for me. I remember the nervous feeling I had finding my way around the city, searching for an apartment and then finally deciding on the international student […]


Meat is centerpiece of Buenos Aires cuisine

When it comes to food and drink, Argentines know what they like and they mostly stick to it.  While other international options can be found in the metropolis of Buenos Aires, it’s not like Los Angeles where you can easily find authentic cuisine from all corners of the world.  Instead of the wide variety you […]


Soccer scene ignites passion in Argentine fans

Fútbol, or soccer as we call it in the United States, is without a doubt Argentina’s most popular sport. Families have supported their various clubs for decades, and the sport is an integral part of the culture and lifestyle of the country. Though not a day has gone by when I don’t see someone in […]


Traditional beverage is designed to share

This past weekend I bought my first mate, which marks a major milestone in my immersion in the Argentine culture.  Now you might be wondering: This far into her exchange and she is only just now immersing herself? And, what in the world is a mate? Mate (pronounced mah-teh) is the traditional beverage of Argentina […]


Buenos Aires cafes serve as urban oases

Argentines love a good cafe.  A place where they can meet with their friends and loved ones at any time of the day to catch up on life over a cup of coffee and a pastry.  While I cannot say that I’ve found better coffee here than at some of my favorite spots in Los […]


Strolling through the fairs and festivals of Buenos Aires

Most weekends in Buenos Aires are packed with unique opportunities in the city, one in particular being the “ferias” or fairs that you can find in almost every neighborhood. These street fair style markets pop up every weekend in the same places and sell everything from food to fabrics. There are stalls that line the […]


In Photos: Modes of Transportation Around the World

Whether it’s by moped or foot, people need to get places daily. While public transportation isn’t such a big deal here in L.A., it definitely makes up a huge component in cities like Buenos Aires and Paris where the bus, taxi and subway systems are well-developed and well-used. After all, the joy of travel lies […]


USG announces executive cabinet

During last night’s Senate meeting, USG announced the new executive cabinet appointments for the 2015-2016 academic year. President Rini Sampath and Vice President Jordan Fowler began their presentation by describing the selection process for the cabinet positions. In the evaluation procedures, seven executive board members read 200-plus applications. After the first cut, 140 applicants remained, […]


In Photos: Street food around the world

When it comes to street food, Armando’s, Amazebowls and the Boba Truck are just a few favorites among USC students. Whether it’s dim sum, burritos or Korean BBQ, you can’t go wrong with the kitchens of the streets — both here in L.A. and the world beyond. Street food vending is a global phenomenon, from bustling night […]