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Writing out loud: The beauty of Blogs

Witty. Introspective. Moving. Laugh-out-loud funny. The Daily Trojan Blogs are all these things and more, a hybrid of web and log, a form that takes the diary and all its personal, retrospective aspects and meshes it with public immediacy to make an outlet of expression that’s not quite like anything else. Here, we don’t need […]


Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 10/19

USC News Campus Climate Reform:The undergraduate and graduate student governments met this past week to discuss campus climate at USC. Their resolutions were chock full of new administrative reforms. Both groups want to see more policies created to improve diversity on campus. The 411: The student governments are not messing around when it comes to […]


COLUMN: Faculty senate shouldn’t have rejected fall break

Despite an attempt by student government leaders, the university administration has rejected a proposal this year for the implementation of a fall break. Undergraduate Student Government has tried for two consecutive years now to encourage the administration to provide students with a two-day fall break in the middle of the semester, both times failing to […]


COLUMN: Does greek life still have a place on our campus?

This month, we’ve seen a string of incidents on college campuses related to greek life that have sparked controversy. Recently, a UCLA fraternity hosted a “Kanye Western” themed party that featured students wearing blackface and dressed to imitate Kanye West’s wife, reality star Kim Kardashian. Late last month, Undergraduate Student Government President Rini Sampath experienced […]


COLUMN: Campus needs to be more bike-friendly

As college students, bikes are a big part of our culture. They’re a fast, easy way to get around campus. Unlike our crosstown rivals, we enjoy a flat, level campus that is easy to maneuver with almost any mode of transportation. With a sizable amount of students utilizing a bicycle to get from point A […]


COLUMN: Administrators need to enact tuition freezes

“Money, money, money / must be funny / in a rich man’s world,” the popular Swedish pop group ABBA declared in their hit single, “Money, Money, Money.” ABBA may remind you of embarrassing nights of impromptu karaoke with your parents, but their song still resonates today, when the income gap is ever-widening and the cost […]


More students should use academic resources

Let’s be frank: School ain’t a cake walk. As a premier, private research university, USC is academically rigorous and challenging. As students, we work and study hard in order to fully engage in our studies and learn. With multiple classes, papers, exams and numerous assignments, things can get hectic and stressful very quickly. Mix in […]


Q & A: Pressed Juicery fosters health beyond food

In Los Angeles, it’s difficult not to think of the health-conscious dietary sticklers the city’s residents are known to be. From spinning and cycle classes to organic detoxifiers and endless varieties of quinoa recipes, L.A. is as progressive and contemporary when it comes to food and drink as any other city. Perhaps nothing personifies this […]


Ready for takeoff: Opinion Fall 2015

As the fall semester launches into motion, so too do the people behind Daily Trojan Opinion pages to bring you the most advanced editorial section yet. This fall, Daily Trojan Opinion has rolled out an ambitious new vehicle in pursuit of of our old mission, and it is my pleasure to introduce a newly polished Opinion […]


It’s time to modernize our Web Registration

Perhaps one of the most stressful aspects of college life is registering for courses and organizing a class schedule. As if stressing about homework, exams and papers is not  enough, the process of registering for classes with USC’s Web Registration adds another layer of pressure and hassle each semester. Web Registration, to be frank, is […]