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POINT: Campuses, not the government, should be in charge of sexual assault

One in five women will experience sexual assault at some point in her college career, most during their freshman or sophomore years. And as sexual assault becomes one of the most rapidly growing crimes in America and universities repeatedly show ambivalence toward rape victims, the national government has become involved. However, given the lack of […]


POINT: New admissions application makes college more accessible

Recently, more than 80 universities — including all eight Ivy League schools — announced their adoption of an alternative to the traditional college application process. The new application, helmed by the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, allows students to develop digital portfolios as early as the beginning of their high school careers. Expected to […]


COUNTERPOINT: Proponents of diversity shouldn’t be so quick to criticize ethnic studies veto

Last Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed bill AB 101 advocating ethnic studies in the California school curriculum. Drafted by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, the proposal aimed to promote learning objectives centered on inclusiveness. Though the bill introduces many aspects of education absent from the system so far, more faith should be placed upon the Instructional Quality […]


POINT: LA’s bold new plan to support the homeless might actually work

Last Tuesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a plan to introduce $100 million to remedy the growing homeless population in Los Angeles. Along with City Council members, Garcetti declared a “state of emergency” on the issue. Though many have questioned this new initiative, Garcetti’s plan targets the problem at its core, providing more affordable or free […]


POINT: Deflategate insignificant due to other issues in the NFL

With the Super Bowl looming, many football lovers are gearing up for the face-off between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Recently, though, the fandemonium has turned not to the game, but to the ball itself. In the Jan. 18 game that led to their Super Bowl qualification, the Patriots raised a question […]


POINT: Freedom of expression needs to be defended

On Jan. 7, 12 people who worked for Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were shot dead by Islamic extremists, with others sustaining brutal injuries. According to Los Angeles Times, the two gunmen aimed to “avenge the prophet Mohammed,” as Charlie Hebdo had released publications over the years sardonically critiquing the religion. In their attack that […]