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Road trips prove that absence makes the heart grow fonder

In my first column this semester, I wrote about the frustration I felt hearing the “Beat L.A.” chant at a Kings game. If there’s anything I want people to get out of this column, it’s that they should give this city a real chance. Especially for new transplants, Los Angeles can feel overwhelming at first. […]


Religious diversity makes LA unique

“Did you have a good Easter?” I was waiting in a long line for coffee this morning, when the person in front of me made eye contact. We shared that awkward tight-lipped smile, the one you use when you are trapped in the same space and have nothing to say, but also don’t want to […]


Skid Row offers a new view of LA

“People walking, people walking.” It was a hot day, skirting the high ’80s last Tuesday, when I went with my class on a tour — for lack of a better word –— around Skid Row. My professor had told us to dress in an unprovocative way and wear closed-toed shoes. So, despite the warm weather, […]


A graduate’s bucket list for Los Angeles

Being sick is the worst. Instead of frolicking in the sunshine last weekend (c’est la vie, USC Springfest 2014 and CicLAvia), I was in bed, with only a copious amount of Kleenex and my Netflix account for comfort. That left me with plenty of time to troll the Internet and write a lot of whiny […]


Experiencing Runyon Canyon

The first time I hiked Runyon Canyon, I couldn’t even find the entrance. I aimlessly maneuvered my car, a beat-up and blue ’98 Ford Escort, up the windy Hollywood Hills. I remember focusing mostly on not driving off the road during the turns. Out of desperation, I finally rolled down the window (my car is […]


Flower market welcomes spring season to Los Angeles

It’s hard to talk seasons when discussing Southern California. After all, the running joke is that we only have one. But there’s something about spring here. The city feels like it was made for these months. There’s a certain buzz in the air. Spring is when everything comes alive here — especially the flowers. Los […]


Learning through distance running

If you saw me hobbling around campus on Monday looking as stiff as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, it’s because I ran the LA Marathon this weekend — and I did it without really training. In my defense, it’s been a really busy semester. As these are my last few months as […]


Historic theaters fill Los Angeles

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about old movie theaters in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s because I’m taking a film review class that has had me going to the movies each week. Maybe it’s because I just finished re-reading Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up, which, in a way, is an ode to old Hollywood […]


Barista competitions inspire coffee lovers

For as long as I can remember, my mom has brewed a big pot of coffee when she wakes up. I can trace my own education in coffee by the way that process has evolved over the years, from the type of coffee to the machine used to brew it. At first, it was Folgers […]


Walk, don’t run through Chinatown

I didn’t realize how close Chinatown was to USC until I started training for my first marathon last year. One day, on an out-and-back run past Downtown Los Angeles, I accidentally stumbled upon the embellished dragon gateway that marks the entrance. So this was Chinatown. I’d been before. In third grade, my class took a field […]