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Moonlight tackles diversity in media

Asking the Hollywood powers for diverse representation in film is like your mom asking you to clean up your room when you’re a child. You know you should do it, but you don’t. When you finally clean up, it’s only until the last minute, like when your mom is throwing a dinner party and expecting […]


HBO’s Insecure shows real look at LA

As the year comes to an end, streaming platforms and networks are rolling out new shows every week as competition becomes increasingly more intense and the market becomes even more crowded (Spotify is set to launch its own content this next year, just to give you an example). Two major streaming titans, Netflix and Amazon, […]


Strong work ethics are important in building a career in film

As a senior at the School of Cinematic Arts, I know the film school devotes special attention toward providing an education on the titans of film’s past. Entire classes devoted to Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg detail the creation and rise of these iconic, almost mythical figures in the film industry. More modern-oriented classes have […]


Westworld offers a promise for diversity

Westworld, HBO’s newest series, was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Christopher Nolan’s brother and sister-in-law, respectively). The show, which is based on the 1973 Michael Chricton movie of the same name, premiered on Sunday night — with promises of becoming the network’s next Game of Thrones. In the first episode, Dr. Robert Ford, […]


Cinema school should support its students

Often I wonder, if I had gone to a different school, would I still resemble the person I am now? Only recently did I realize that the answer would be no. My time at the film school, although not perfect, has definitely impacted my path to becoming a filmmaker, and that in part has to […]


Fair representation starts in film school production companies

On Monday, the Directors Guild of America published another analysis detailing the lack of diversity in Hollywood. In its analysis of television directors currently working in the industry, the organization found that of the 4,061 episodes of television filmed during the 2015-2016 season, only 702 females directed them. This means only 17 percent of television […]


Bridget Jones deserves more credit

On the cover of The Hollywood Reporter this week, beautiful blond tresses cascade around Renee Zellweger, actress and movie star, whose latest movie Bridget Jones’s Baby premieres this month. “Renee Returns” is the title of the cover, and quotes such as “Why are we still talking about how women look?” and “Renee Zellweger on Aging […]


Gender representation must be tackled in film industry

As a cinema and media studies student at the School of Cinematic Arts, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to dissect film and television under specific critical lenses I would’ve never thought to use had I not been here. Classes taught on 1960s culture as portrayed, have all effectively given me a broad scope to look […]


Summer female blockbuster indicates systemic flaw

It’s that time of year again -— when we return to classrooms, syllabi, assignments and beginnings as summer turns into fall and we have an entire new year of school to look forward to. For me, this new year rings a different tone, as I’m currently in the process of deciding whether to graduate a […]


Broken: The surprising male fragility in HBO’s Vinyl

Misogyny is no stranger to television. Likewise, it has been explored in Mad Men, The Sopranos and other shows of the past decade focused on the post-war depiction of the male psyche — one that was fragile and fragmented — rather than cop shows, medical shows and other ensemble stories. Don’t get me wrong, cop […]