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Postseason football injuries need attention

The story of a football game doesn’t end with a mark in the win/lose column. The story ends 30 years later, when a victorious receiver’s life takes a hypothetical turn for the worse. After a successful football career and numerous concussions, this player develops early-onset Alzheimer’s and forgets his wife’s name — or he becomes […]


Don’t let midterm pessimism follow you into the break

It’s always darkest before dawn — and midterm week is particularly dark. Spring break is usually preceded by a few solid days in the soul-sucking dungeon better known as Leavey Library. And so, for two weeks, USC is overrun with pessimism. There’s something comforting about being pessimistic. When you decide that everything is doomed, you […]


Students definitely don’t overuse sarcasm

Technically speaking, sarcasm isn’t a word that ends in ‘-ism.’ I realize readers care deeply about my adherence to my column’s theme. Please forgive me. It’s just that sarcasm is everywhere. This form of humor is especially popular with blasé college students. Did someone just recount a mundane anecdote? Cool story, bro. Are you about […]


Perfect is overrated, not worth the effort

“Nobody’s perfect.” It’s a popular and common phrase, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Someone who takes the SAT twice with the goal of scoring a 2300 might be called a high achiever, but someone who takes the SAT over and over with the goal of scoring a 2400 is on an entirely different […]


This Week in Photos: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

“This Week in Photos” highlights the biggest stories of the week. Trojans upend Utah to end losing streak>>   USC Pharmacy to launch web-based application>>   Online education provides an education>>   Screen Actors Guild Awards plays it safe again>>   Study finds less drinking on campus>>   Rockers find success despite struggles>>   Jackson […]


Online education provides an alternative

With college tuition continuing to rise with no guarantee for jobs after graduation, some prospective college students might choose alternative paths to education. Because of the increase in costs, enrolling for a postsecondary education online has become an attractive option — not a last resort. The virtual classroom experience provides a viable alternative that students […]


New Swedish religion gets file-sharing right

In America, sharing files is a criminal act. In Sweden, the practice is now a religious experience. Last month, Sweden officially recognized The Missionary Church of Kopimism. The religion sees all information as sacred; thus, file-sharing is a holy act. The founder, Isak Gerson, hopes Kopimism’s followers will one day have the freedom to transmit […]


For Trousdale’s sake, take biking seriously

Following Wednesday’s Bike Summit and DPS Safety Fair, a group of LAPD officers on bikes happened to be predatorially perched on Jefferson Boulevard and McClintock Avenue, ready to cite law-despising cyclists. While it might not be right for officers to prey on bicyclists, it’s also not right for bicyclists to completely ignore standards of etiquette […]