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Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 11/16

USC News Mental Health: This week, the Daily Trojan staff took a special, in-depth look at mental health at USC. Here’s what we wrote about: Can USG combat USC’s mental health stigma? Minorities face a unique fight with mental health Good-bye, for now: taking a leave of absence Trigger warnings’ spark a battle in the […]


Yale and Mizzou aren’t as similar as they seem

The University of Missouri and Yale University have garnered widespread attention in the last two weeks, and often in the same breath. But despite what their proximity in headlines may suggest, the events at each university have caught the public eye for different reasons. What they do have in common is that the coverage of […]


COLUMN: Coddled college student narrative is unproductive

The journalistic pieces that decry the slow death of free speech at the hands of liberal universities show a peculiar trend of employing liberal rhetoric to do so. A recent piece for The Atlantic invokes the authority of various respected feminists and feminist organizations to illustrate how federal sexual harassment policies impede academic freedoms. This […]


Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 10/19

USC News Campus Climate Reform:The undergraduate and graduate student governments met this past week to discuss campus climate at USC. Their resolutions were chock full of new administrative reforms. Both groups want to see more policies created to improve diversity on campus. The 411: The student governments are not messing around when it comes to […]


COLUMN: Free speech isn’t under attack on campuses

When I proposed the idea of a column based on freedoms at universities, my editor and I both felt that we were taking a risk on finding enough material to run a biweekly column. However, it appears that freedom of speech has become a rather fashionable topic in media narratives concerning college campuses in America. […]


COLUMN: Suppressing anti-Israel voices is unproductive

At a University of California Regents meeting last month, Regent Richard Blum suggested suspension and expulsion as imperative punishments for students engaging in activities critical of Israel. He also invoked the political power of his wife, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, which many took to be a threat of negative consequences for the publicly funded university. This, […]


COLUMN: Removing Roski blog erases student voices

In early September, a Tumblr account run collectively by Roski M.F.A. students since December 2012 was mysteriously and abruptly shut down. The blog followed the resignation from the incoming class of first year M.F.A. students from the Roski School of Fine Arts earlier this year. When the class resigned, the students published an open letter […]


Trigger warnings are helpful, not coddling

Students on college campuses around the nation and here at USC are asking for trigger warnings and trying to reduce microaggressions from faculty members and fellow students. Recently, this has stirred up backlash among opponents of “political correctness” and self-described intellectual freedom activists. Most notably, in this month’s issue of The Atlantic, Greg Lukianoff and […]


Ready for takeoff: Opinion Fall 2015

As the fall semester launches into motion, so too do the people behind Daily Trojan Opinion pages to bring you the most advanced editorial section yet. This fall, Daily Trojan Opinion has rolled out an ambitious new vehicle in pursuit of of our old mission, and it is my pleasure to introduce a newly polished Opinion […]