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The underrated beauty of Yik Yak

Much of this year’s campus controversy has stemmed from the unfiltered social media app, YikYak, where people can anonymously post threads and comments, using an ‘up-vote down-vote’ system as a marker of popularity. The danger of giving college students unlimited access to an anonymous forum is evident: insensitive jokes, racial slurs and personal attacks are […]


Celebrating my one year anniversary with USC

This week, the USC Admissions Center sent out thousands of packages containing good news: acceptances to this university, and more importantly, invitations to join the Trojan Family. As the academic year is quickly drawing to a close, it is astonishing to think that nearly one-fourth of my college experience is over. What a year it […]


A healthy dose of diversity and absurdity

There’s something really endearing and weird that really cracks me up when I see pictures of unsuspecting animals wearing clothing. Snakes with hats. Baby goats with sweaters. Mice with glasses. I clearly spend too much time during lectures perusing Google Images for my own amusement. The sheer absurdity of the pictures keeps me coming back. […]


HONY post shows there’s still hope for American education

As the semester begins to pick up, life with the flurry of papers, midterms and lab reports seems to move at an accelerated pace. But when things get so busy (and stressful), it’s important to remember that there are others who struggle to obtain the same education that we often take for granted. On Jan. […]


Growing up — it’s all in the name of college

  I never thought I would say this, but at the end of first semester, hopping on a plane to the freezing-cold East Coast seemed quite appealing. Despite the football games, late nights and new friends that made up my first semester freshman year experience, part of me longed for the familiarity of my former […]


Daily Trojan Editorial Board

Daily Trojan Editorial Board Mission Statement Throughout the Daily Trojan’s 100-plus-year history, it has been our responsibility to provide the student body and the wider Trojan community with up-to-date and accurate news coverage. But as the primary purveyors of campus news, we can offer more than just the facts. Our Editorial Board takes things one […]


USC Students’ Favorite Family Halloween Dessert Recipes

It’s finally fall, the time of year known for changing leaf colors, chillier weather and optimal desserts. Nothing warms the heart quite like seasonal sweets, and USC students have plenty of desserts to look forward to. After surveying a number of students, we’ve compiled a short (but sweet) list of some students’ favorite Halloween family […]



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