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Overdosed on activism

American college campuses have become political battlegrounds, and students are taking up arms. An annual UCLA survey shows that political engagement has reached numbers unparalleled since the study started in 1966 — the era of student protests against apartheid and the Vietnam War. To many, it feels as if political hostilities in the face of […]

Devil’s Advocate

Few students on this campus have been fortunate enough to escape the classmate smitten with the sound of his or her own contrarianism — the devil’s advocate, as they often self-describe. We’ve all had the distinct displeasure of listening to them plead “not necessarily,” to the most basic of concepts, waiting around as they search […]

When apathy is a moral disgrace

When the nation elected Donald Trump to the presidency last November, it was the first election in recent memory that inspired such monumental emotion. At USC, when students streamed directly to Tommy Trojan in the heart of campus, a sense of community felt immediately necessary. The next morning, there were tears, and in the months […]

A new kind of echo chamber

Perhaps President Donald Trump was right when he claimed that climate change is a hoax — despite increasing global temperatures, there are millions of young “snowflakes” at college campuses nationwide. The so-called snowflake generation has become defined by its diplomatic, fragile, politically correct culture that, as some politicians decry, has gone too far. “The American […]

Living apart, together

We live in our own self-imposed exile. The existence of other ways of looking at things shocks us, outrages us, drives us to action — on the streets, in the voting booths and on social media. We don’t know “how the other half lives,” and for good reason — the other side often holds views […]