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PODCAST: Pop Is So Deep experiences island fever with ‘Havana’

Episode 4: Bae of Pigs Hey Poppers! Buck Andrews and Sarah Kassel are back after a two-week hiatus and talking communism through the lens of Cuban hottie Camila Cabello’s new track “Havana.” Is Camila Cabello in cahoots with the deceased Fidel Castro? Is Fifth Harmony part of a secret plot to infiltrate the U.S. government … […]

PODCAST: Pop Is So Deep rediscovers its All-American roots in Hoodie Allen’s music

Episode 3: Saving Private Hoodie Allen They say 18 is a magic number. In this week’s installment of Pop is So Deep, Buck and Kassel go #AllAmerican to discuss Hoodie Allen’s new song “Ain’t Ready” off his 3rd studio album The Hype. Buck, Kassel and Theory Boy discover that Hoodie is a power bottoming, troop supporting, Wharton going, […]

PODCAST: Pop is So Deep uncovers the truth behind Demi Lovato’s new song

Episode 2: Sexy, Dirty, Juuling Cyborg  This week Buck Andrews and Sarah Kassel discuss Demi Lovato’s song Sexy, Dirty, Love off her new album Tell Me You Love Me. In this episode Buck and Kassel come up with their most millennially relevant theory yet with a little help from their trusty (and new) side kick: Theory Boy. The Pop is […]

PODCAST: Pop is So Deep takes on Britney Jean

 Episode 1: Cryogenically Frozen™ With You  In their first episode collaborating with the Daily Trojan, Buck Andrews and Sarah Kassel throw it back to 2013, when Obama was still in office, they were still in high school and Britney Spears released her worst-selling album of all time: Britney Jean. This episode was taped live and not […]