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COLUMN: 13 Reasons Why relies on female suffering for storytelling

In a previous column, I gave credit to Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why for doing what high school television shows rarely do: explore the consequences of the characters’ cruelty and apathy toward each other and themselves. Instead of portraying action, 13 Reasons Why focuses on reaction — the characters’ responses toward Hannah’s suicide and the incoming […]

Better Call Saul returns with mystery, conflict

Better Call Saul, the spinoff show to the popular television series Breaking Bad, has returned for its third season. The first two seasons of Better Call Saul have not been a disappointment, as creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould produced some of the darkest and most humorous scenes in modern-day television. The third season premiere […]

COLUMN: Girls is not the same show it used to be

I will admit: I used to be a fan of Girls. In its early days, the series was honest, messy and relentless, unlike any show about women I had seen or have yet to see. Despite the show’s many flaws, I continue to point to it as the first series I’ve watched that reflects young womanhood […]