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Ask Hecuba: Lonely in Leavey

Hecuba, how do I get a boyfriend? — Lonely in Leavey   Dear Lonely,   Although you’re feeling lonely, I can assure you that you’re not alone in this situation. For the many of us who aren’t Helen of Troy, countless hours have been spent pondering the ancient questions of when and where we’ll find […]

Easy Recipes for Busy Students

Welcome back to school. Those of us who no longer have unlimited meal swipes are facing the grim reality of finding cheap and easy food ourselves. Between busy schoolwork, extracurriculars and work, many of us will revert to instant noodles and microwave meals. While these may be easy, they are typically unhealthy and full of […]

Troy Meets World: Stranger in the Village

In the weeks before I left for Paris, I read four essays by James Baldwin: Encounter on the Seine: Black Meets Brown, A Question of Identity, Equal in Paris and Stranger in the Village. I read Baldwin’s essays simply as an idea of a black experience in Paris, not a guide to one. But I […]

5 Fashion Trends for the Fall

Fall 2017 runways were more diverse than ever, Biel Parklee and Lauren McCarthy wrote for W Magazine. While the call to diversity was bold, designers’ trends were bolder. This season’s fashion trends of embroidery, reds, audacious jackets, fashion-statement shoes and mismatched patterns demand that the truly stylish be creative risk-takers. Embroidery Hand-embroidered fabrics made the […]

Dunn appoints chief justice, discusses USCard changes

Undergraduate Student Government President Austin Dunn appointed a new chief justice to the Judicial Council at the USG Senate meeting on Tuesday. Charlynn Yeung, a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law and business administration, was a justice on the court this past year. The Senate will have to approve Yeung’s appointment at the next […]

Sex and the campus: Consent

Welcome to Sex and the Campus, a weekly column where I discuss all things love and relationships. It should be noted that I do not claim to be any kind of expert in either area. Dating is hard, but hopefully reading this column won’t be. If you have any burning questions about love and relationships, […]