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COLUMN: Memories are tinted cardinal and gold

Diehard sports fans are irrational. There is some unquantifiable and illogical aspect of sports that makes every passionate fan value sports way more than we probably should. Admittedly, I made my decision to attend USC partially based on the fact that I needed to be at the Coliseum on Saturdays in the fall. While the […]

COLUMN: With endings, comes gratitude

There is less than a month until graduation, and I feel suspended between excited anticipation and inevitable hesitance. Articulating what these past three years have meant for me personally is a task surely encumbered by trite expressions and saccharine sentiment. However, I hope to reflect on the good, focusing on the gratitude that has sustained […]

REVIEW: MTR performs coming-of-age musical Edges

On Friday, the Musical Theatre Repertory at USC presented Edges, a song-cycle musical comprised of individual songs performed in a sequence and written by songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The musical is made up of 15 songs: Each song contains unrelated stories and characters, but still possesses similar coming-of-age themes that are indelibly […]

COLUMN: Self-understanding is an evolving process

When I decided to write a column at the beginning of the semester, I had difficulty selecting the topic I’d write about. Despite being an editor of a section focused on arts, entertainment and culture, I felt that my interest in these areas weren’t strong enough to warrant writing a column every other week. But […]