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The Rise of Augmented Reality at USC

While virtual reality (VR) seems to be all around Los Angeles this year in the form of Google Cardboards and Samsung Gear VR’s, there is another immersive technology that may become even more impactful. Augmented reality (AR) is slowly emerging as an area of heavy investment in the tech industry, and it can already be […]

Scottish Cuisine: Indian Spice and Everything Nice

As an Indian American wandering through Scotland, there isn’t a lot I find familiar. Instead of finding the local Ralph’s, I’m at the neighborhood Tesco trying to figure out what an aubergine is. Already, I’ve gotten lost countless times on the streets that change names every few feet, and the California sunshine I’ve come to know and […]

A Tame Impala Experience: Just “Let it Happen”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a kaleidoscope? Last Saturday, Tame Impala delivered a performance that I would assume closely parallels just that. The sold out Greek Theatre in Berkeley was filled with Tame Impala enthusiasts and Kevin Parker memes. Vivacious and alive, me and my crutches felt the vibrations throughout […]

How I Landed a Job Styling Beyoncé

So to address the question I’m sure many of you are asking: Yes, I work at one of the top PR fashion showrooms where we dress celebrities, including the Queen herself. No, I don’t get to keep any of the clothes. *sad face emoji* But rest assured, my job is much better than Anne Hathaway’s […]

Four ways to upgrade your everyday oatmeal

Many people consider oatmeal to be a breakfast staple – and it should be, since it is so simple to make and actually pretty healthy for you. Filled with calcium, potassium and fiber, another benefit of oatmeal is that it will fill you up. Oats are complex carbohydrates so the body spends a longer time […]

A Really Young Person In A Really Old Place

I always imagined studying in Scotland would be a step outside of my comfort zone, but I’ve been dropped on the other side of the Atlantic with my comfort nowhere in sight. There’s a powerful charm in the oldness here. In just the first week, I’ve walked past the birthplace of Arthur Conan Doyle, stumbled […]


The first week of classes are over and you might still be nursing a bad hangover after all the LITivities you attended over the weekend, but hold off on sippin’ another until after you’ve read the rest of this blog. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you have to have noticed all the construction […]


On August 22nd, I will experience my last first day of school.  Thinking about it makes me want to reach out to every person that I’ve met along the way who I know is about to start their senior year as well and reminisce over a memory we shared together. A seemingly short three years […]


Over the past twenty years, the Silicon Valley tech boom has laid out the foundations for technologies like iPhones, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many other internet-enabled services that are now a part of daily life for many Americans. Unfortunately, today’s smartphones have fewer groundbreaking features, sales are beginning to slow, and venture capital cash for […]