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Court of law doles out wrist slaps to celebs

It’s a strange place, that Hollyweird. Whatever name you prefer — Tinseltown, Lala Land, the Thirty-Mile-Zone — there’s no denying the uniqueness of this one California city. It is a place where fantasy fights reality and, more often than not, wins. The fantasy can vary, but make no mistake about it, only an elite inner […]

Naysayers overlook CARS’ value

Although cynics will point out that the $3-billion bill is just another example of the wasteful government spending, the reality is that CARS has generated tremendous profit.

One for the record books — for now

We’ve all heard it: A true freshman has never started a season at quarterback for the Trojans. But that will all change on Saturday, when No. 4 USC opens its season in historic fashion against San Jose State at the Coliseum in front of 90,000 screaming fans. When Pete Carroll chose Barkley to be his […]