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Political thriller builds to a suspenseful ‘Endgame’

In South Africa, a race is under oppression, lashing out violently against the harsh constraints placed upon it. In the midst of these clashing sides, one man is drawn into the events. These are the ingredients for one of the year’s most compelling films. No, not District 9. I’m talking about Endgame. The latest film […]

Meteors remind us to cherish rare moments

Do you remember when you were five, maybe six, and held an empty pickle jar as if it were as big as the world? And it was once, cradled within the intimate embrace of your innocent touch, this gaping expanse entwined with naïve hope and small, clenched fingers. You scampered amidst giggles and lost breaths […]

Bike regulation requires a more cohesive plan

Today, many student cyclists will dismount and walk their bikes through the two major intersections along Jefferson Boulevard, under the threat of a ticket. But tomorrow, they will most likely keep riding through. Today marks only the second day this semester that Los Angeles Police Department and Department of Public Safety officers have made a […]

Journalism still has a place for narrative

If we believe the press, which impending obsolescence has converted into a bunch of nostalgic cultural critics bemoaning the way things are, then storytelling is in a bad way. The long-form narrative is out, the 140-character Tweet is in. Permit me to download — in small, snack-sized chunks — a few examples from recent columns. […]