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Office turns quirks into irritating habits

Our mothers might say our quirks are what make us who we are; they give us “character.” Unfortunately, some quirks aren’t so charming and can sometimes manifest themselves as bad habits, which are notoriously hard to break. Sometimes, they are so deeply ingrained in a person’s behavior that turning them off is a nearly impossible […]

State Democrats face formidable roadblocks

There are very few Californians who still approve of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger — at least when it comes to politics. That’s why the state’s upcoming gubernatorial race has sparked such a wide range of responses. Some are excited, hoping for change; others indifferent, knowing that no single person could possibly undo the vast array of […]

The Pac-10 needs to become the Pac-12

No USC fan wants to relive last weekend’s embarrassment in Eugene. The Trojans were outworked, outhustled and outplayed. USC needs a small-scale game like this Saturday’s in Tempe, Ariz. to regain its skills, swagger and dominant attitude. If the Trojans recover their form, there’s no doubt they would love a rematch with Oregon at the […]