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Documentary becomes Jackson’s final curtain call

This is not a film about Michael Jackson’s life; his eccentricities and tribulations are never addressed. Neither is this film about his death; not once did it mention Jackson’s untimely end. This film is simply a compilation of segments of rehearsal footage for his then-upcoming concert, This Is It. And the film, more concert than […]

Every time Miley quits Twitter, a kitten dies

The hot scandal in Hollywood right now is, unsurprisingly, a feud involving a certain Disney star we love to hate. Yes, Miley Cyrus is at it again, but she’s taken it up a notch: Instead of warring with Selena Gomez, she’s out to defeat Twitter, once and for all. A few weeks ago, Cyrus made […]

A break-up letter from the Pac-10 to USC

It’s not you, it’s me. All right, that’s not true — it is you. But breaking up is hard to do, and I’m new at this. We’ve been inseparable for what seems like forever. Whenever somebody mentioned “Pac-10,” they couldn’t help but bring up “USC.” As a perennial champion, you gave meaning to me as […]

Blame Internet and scavengers for invasion

Save the applause and point your finger. Blame Al Gore — the person who many credit for bringing us the Internet. Whether or not Gore is actually the so-called “Father of the Internet” is questionable, but nonetheless the Internet’s takeover is quite evident. Today there’s no way around it. You can’t destroy it; its fiber-optic […]

Global watchdog oversteps bounds

There are a lot of theoretical arguments these days about how much power non-state actors can legitimately wield in a globalized world. Last week, a panel of French judges made a decision strongly in favor of traditional sovereignty, throwing out a case led by Transparency International and human rights group Sherpa before its first hearing. […]