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Lax welfare system leaves children behind

Children are forever in the news. Whether for their preternatural ability to say the darndest things under the gauze of anesthetic, or the fact that they keep popping out in record numbers (Octomom and Kate Gosselin look to be the most popular Halloween costumes this year), kid stories constantly pepper the news. But with all […]

‘Good Hair’ doesn’t address the root of the matter

Fifteen years ago, Chris Rock got the idea to create a documentary depicting the struggles various hair types pose, and the ramifications of “fashionable” hair styles within the black community. When his daughter asked him, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” Rock jumped into action to solve the issue for her, but also […]

Try to make me go to rehab

Fellow students, you can relax. You are no longer responsible for the all-nighters you pulled during midterms. The blame for your procrastination can finally be placed on a greater force than yourself, when you are diagnosed with the hot new disorder you’re guaranteed to have: Internet Addiction Disorder, also known as IAD. Apparently, IAD is […]