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Saving Ryan’s Privates: On white boys, healing and other abstract causes

CORRECTION:  A version of this article that ran online and in the June 26 edition of the Daily Trojan erroneously omitted information that changed the intended meaning of the author’s words. The Daily Trojan regrets the error. The man sitting across from me said to call him whatever I wanted. I tested the waters: “How […]

REVIEW: ‘Toy Story 4’ sends off beloved characters

When audiences saw Andy give away Woody and the rest of the gang to Bonnie at the end of “Toy Story 3,” many fans likely  assumed it was the perfect swan song for the beloved characters. That’s why skepticism lingered over the idea of another entry in the “Toy Story” franchise. However, “Toy Story 4” […]

USC parent pleads guilty to fraud conspiracy, faces recommended sentence of 15 months

USC parent Toby MacFarlane pleaded guilty to fraud conspiracy in federal court in Boston Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported.  Prosecutors recommend MacFarlane, an insurance executive, spend 15 months in prison with one year of supervised release, pay a fine of $95,000 and restitution in the amount determined by the court at sentencing and forfeit […]

Union withdraws petition, drops charges against Roski

The Service Employees International Union Local 721 has withdrawn its petition to represent Roski School of Art and Design faculty, Provost Michael Quick announced June 19. The SEIU will also drop pending charges against USC regarding unfair labor practices. “What this means for Roski and all other schools, is that Academic Senate, faculty committees and […]