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To Be Blunt: The Green Boom disproportionately benefits white CEOs

Cannabis is a budding industry (pun intended!). Weed has undoubtedly boosted economies by creating jobs and increasing financial opportunities in states where marijuana is legal. But as with all competitive and lucrative businesses, cannabis comes at a high price. In my last column, I talked about how the root of marijuana’s inequity stems from racist […]

Eating L.A. Before it Eats Itself: Americans aren’t the only ones acing the pancake game

Pancakes are an inevitable facet of any functioning society. Before noodles were crafted out of flour and starch, before bread was baked fresh in ovens, before rice was tenderly dried and boiled, there was the pancake. The mummified stomach of 5,300- year-old Otzi the Iceman was filled with pancakes. Unlike other carbohydrates that needed to […]