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Eating L.A. Before it Eats Itself: How social media made sandwich and seltzer sales skyrocket

Under the vibrant orange hue of fluorescent lights, thousands have gathered, arms outstretched toward a new temple offering a singular form of solace: chicken.  For years, it has been neglected, cast in the shadow under other chicken-serving giants. But now, it had emerged, blinking in the morning sun … a chance — at long last […]

What’s playing in LA?

Holla At Ya Boy — Sept. 10 @ Fonda Theatre At the forefront of today’s rap scene in Los Angeles is Buddy, a Compton native who’s bringing his friends to The Fonda Theatre to showcase what the West Coast has to offer. Red Bull Presents: Holla At Ya Boy will feature other Los Angeles musicians […]

Everything but the Song: As Jay-Z said, ‘Mac Miller nice too though’

Just a year ago, the hip-hop community and beyond saw headlines reading “Mac Miller dead at 26.” The Pittsburgh-born rapper and producer was an ever-changing artist within the hip-hop community. For fans who followed him over the course of his 11- year career, we saw his career transform from frat-rap with singles like “Donald Trump” […]

Roski junior tells stories through her art

Jacqueline Andrews is a self-described people-person. “Mirror,” her new exhibition at the Roski School of Art and Design, showcases a large collection of portraits of faces she has encountered, each with their own story.  Andrews said she wanted to convey each subject’s personality through her art portraiture. “I was originally inspired by Yoko Ono’s ‘Book […]

Sephora hosts annual beauty event at the Shrine Auditorium

“It feels like Christmas morning.”  Gathered outside the Shrine Auditorium, waiting for the ushers to throw open the doors, there was, indeed, an excited energy to the crowd. The anticipation in the air was palpable — the kind of anticipation where you know you’re about to secure a lot of shit you really, really want.  […]