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2015 USG Presidential Debate

The 2015 Presidential candidate formal debate to discuss important issues on campus. The Vice Presidential candidates were also given an opportunity to debate about a topic. Many supporting students attended the debate tonight to hear what the presidential candidates have to defend about their election platforms All Photos Mariya Dondonyan | Daily Trojan       […]

USC Career Fair

USC Trojans go through the career fair on Thursday February 5, 2015 as they get ready to prepare themselves for life after graduation. Good luck Trojans, fight on! Mariya Dondonyan | Daily Trojan   

Program Board brings snow to campus

On Tuesday, February 3rd, USC Program Board hosted Snowfest on campus. Two tons of real snow graced campus across the way from Tommy Trojan as students enjoyed a chance to play with snow in 70 degree weather. Photos by Kenneth Rodriguez-Clisham and Kevin Fohrer