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Make this blog your go-to for everything from the best ways to stay fit during finals to exactly happens to our sun-soaked campus when it rains. Come for the tidbits, stay for our two-cents on college life at USC.

Laundry: Rainbowland

We’re approaching those days in the semester where there’s just too much to do and too little time. Each day has so much for me to experience, and sometimes, I feel like I don’t have the capacity to absorb it all. For example, college is so fun and I’m learning so much, but every minute […]

Ask Hecuba: No Likes in Lyon Center

Dear Hecuba, I recently discovered that my friend doesn’t follow me back on Instagram. Okay, I checked because I was suspicious, but I was right! Should I confront him? We’re on good terms and talk regularly (and not because we’re being forced to); I have no idea why he would be mad at me! — […]

10 Tips on Maintaining a Year-Round Beach Body

Avoid foods you KNOW are bad for you. If the food seems unclean and bad for you, you’re probably right. Specifically, try to refrain from junk food, processed foods, fast food, and edibles that are high in carbs, fat, oil, or sugar. If you are hungry and looking for a quick meal, opt for healthy […]

Sex and the Campus: “All About Sex”

Welcome to Sex and the Campus, a weekly column where I discuss all things love and relationships. It should be noted that I do not claim to be any kind of expert in either area. Dating is hard, but hopefully reading this column won’t be. If you have any burning questions about love and relationships, […]

Best of USC: Statues

The USC campus is home to some iconic statues, and it only takes a short walk around campus to spot at least a few of them. Some are popular photo op spots while others are considered hidden gems. Below are just a few of the best statues at USC. Tommy Trojan Tommy Trojan is probably […]

Best of USC: Photo Op Spots

We can all agree that USC is a picturesque campus, known for its Romanesque and Gothic architecture. But, where are the best photo op spots on campus? Mudd Hall Entranceway This Tuscan courtyard is filled with red-and-white brick arches and elegant corinthian columns, and the sounds of the water fountain add to the dreaminess of […]