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Make this blog your go-to for everything from the best ways to stay fit during finals to exactly happens to our sun-soaked campus when it rains. Come for the tidbits, stay for our two-cents on college life at USC.

Best of USC: Places to Eat on Campus

From acai bowls to burgers to ramen, USC restaurants have it all. No matter what mood you are in, USC guarantees that a restaurant will quench your cravings. Here are the top 10 places to eat on campus: Moreton Fig Located in the center of campus, this upscale dining choice is perfect for a fancier […]

Best of USC: Coffee Spots on Campus

  Ground Zero Known for their “kick back and chill” atmosphere, Ground Zero is the perfect spot to get some casual studying done or check out weekly open mic night every Monday night at 9 p.m. As a vegan, I was overjoyed when they began offering vegan shakes since I didn’t want to miss out […]

ISA’s Globefest Celebrates Cultural Diversity

As I continue my journey to highlight the diverse identities that make up USC, the International Student Assembly’s Globefest embodies the true togetherness and celebration of international cultures. This festival is comprised of many moving parts: photo booths, milk tea with boba, traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dance performances, a petting zoo and a special appearance […]

Sips Tea: How Being Better Can Change the World

  Usually my “Sips Tea” articles are lighthearted, fun and even a little sassy. But this week, like some weeks before, is different. I want to use this platform to talk about an important message that needs to be heard, especially after the popularity of a recently released Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has entered […]

The Genuine Freshman: Take it One Turn at a Time

    Every year, my family and I go to Colorado to ski. Over spring break, we made our annual trip to Vail.  Generally speaking, I ski blues confidently and vehemently avoid moguls and black diamond hills. However, over break, I was faced with the feat of skiing a black diamond. This was a complete […]

With a Twist: Healthy Food Alternatives

  A lot of people ask me how I can survive without carbs, sugar or sweets. As a healthy eater, I choose to fuel my body with healthy food, but as mentioned before, this was not always my lifestyle. Admittedly, I loved to indulge in candy and carbs. However, once I started eating healthy, I […]