Troy Meets World

Get ready to embark on Trojan adventures all around the globe through a collection of one-of-a-kind stories and photos from friends and colleagues currently studying overseas as well as Trojans who hail from abroad.

Sunny Days on Catalina Island

As the weather gets warmer, we try to find more ways to have fun, and what better way to celebrate California’s beautiful climate than by going to the ocean? But maybe you’re bored of going to the same beaches over and over again. Maybe you’re looking for a fresh destination to visit. Santa Catalina Island, […]

New Zealand as a Cultural Mecca

New Zealand probably isn’t one of the first ones that comes to mind when it comes to cultural meccas. But in the nearly two months that I have been here, I have learned more than I thought I would about New Zealand and Maori culture. Maori culture plays a large role in defining New Zealand, […]

Westminster Bridge Belongs to All of Us, Now More Than Ever

  On Tuesday, a terrorist attack occurred on Westminster Bridge about a mile and a half from my flat in central London, killing four and injuring 40, seven of whom are in critical condition. The attack occurred when a car drove into a crowd on Westminster Bridge before crashing into the gate surrounding the House […]

Away Game: Sporting Events in New Zealand

For anyone who knows me, who, let’s be honest, is probably everyone actually reading this, you know that sports are a huge part of my life. In fact, sports have become such a fundamental part of who I am that I’m pursuing a career in sports — go figure. Anyways, New Zealand isn’t always thought […]

Cherry Blossoms in Los Angeles

Since I was a child I’ve always wanted to see cherry blossom (sakura) trees in person. I saw so much of them in movies, dramas and cartoons, and I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to stand underneath the blooming trees and watch the pink-and-white petals float gently to the ground. That’s why I […]

Escaping LA: Nearby Getaways

What do you think of when you think Los Angeles? Maybe palm trees, sunny skies or waves crashing on beautiful shores. The weather is mild and lovely; a light jacket would suffice on warmer months (and even some days in winter). There is Hollywood and the entertainment scene, with its horde of aspiring actors, A-listers, […]

Trojan Postcards: Visiting India After a Semester Abroad

Last December, I watched as my roommates eagerly packed before they set off to spend their vacation at home. I couldn’t help but feel sad that I wasn’t. Staying away wasn’t new to me. I had lived independently before — for education and for work — away from the comfort of family. Looking back, moving […]