Translating the “Caravan Crisis” into a Human Issue

While Trump’s statements regarding who the caravan consists of are flat out untrue, the more coherent arguments against allowing the caravan’s entry into the U.S. need to take a few key perspectives into consideration.

Ask Hecuba: Respect in the #MeToo Movement

I’m a straight man and the #MeToo movement has made me self-conscious. I want to support women, help them feel safe and make sure I’m being respectful. What are some ways I can do this?

Tips for Self-love

In the end, self-love is something that begins and ends with you.

How to Date Yourself

A better relationship with yourself equals better relationships with others.

How to Operate Efficiently: The Key to Balancing It All

Time management can be a battle when you’re committed to a hectic course load, a part-time job and several extracurricular activities. But it can be done. The key is to develop effective habits, while simultaneously giving yourself room for flexibility. By doing so, you can accomplish your goals without compromising your intended level of success […]

Solo Traveling: Is it worth it?

For most people, traveling with friends is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences. Especially with a 3-day weekend and spring break in the near future, it’s on everyone’s minds. You’ll get to spend days or weeks with your favorite people and run on a schedule that your group will usually agree on. However, […]