Time stops for no journalist: The situated knowledge of news

I don’t think I realized how much being an editor for the Daily Trojan would consume my life until I found myself sending messages about breaking news stories at 3 a.m. In high school and even during my first semester of college, journalism was, for me, kept in its own category of my life, one […]

The sports stories worth telling underscore a passion for people

Sports. The always-ridiculed section of the newspaper. Why do we even write about sports? It’s a bunch of men and women competing and aiming for glory with nothing but a singlet, a helmet or a racket to assist them. Of course, there are flaws in the sports industry. We consistently see issues of drug doping, […]

This isn’t your high school paper

  During my senior year in high school, I was one of the sports editors of the campus paper. There were four of us; we had an issue only about every two months, and we typically only had four to five pages to fill. Now nearly three months into my gig as a sports editor […]

The crazy life behind the lens

“News, your photos are up! Tease is also done!” Our job is seemingly rote. We come into the office at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. every Monday night through Thursday and at 12 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. We sit down at our workstation, open Google Chrome and an ugly array of tabs (Google Mail, Google […]

Confessions of a blogophobe

Though I’ve been editor for Blogs for months now, it is admittedly odd that I haven’t owned or written for a personal blog before. In fact, I have a fear of writing them. When discussing my phobia with my co-editor, Valerie, she put it best: “It’s so personal but so public at the same time.” […]

The “art” in Daily Trojan’s heart

Like any editor with their section, my co-editor Arya and I devote large chunks of time to the Lifestyle section of the Daily Trojan. We provide arts coverage throughout the campus and Los Angeles, including film, book, restaurant and album reviews, profiles of student and artists, as well as coverage of screening events, plays, exhibits […]

We can’t write, so we made these.

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. As editors of the Daily Trojan‘s visual content, we’ve compiled an actual look behind our desk, reflecting our lifestyle and work as designers for the paper. The following snippets of text also reveal some unique characteristics that come with the quirkiness of a newspaper designer.   Samantha Lee is a junior majoring in […]

Beware: Redundancy weakens writing

How often have you heard a friend say something like, “I had an urgent meeting at 2 a.m. in the morning,” or “It was unexpectedly surprising when my sister gave birth to a pair of twins”? Here, what does 2 a.m. mean if not morning? What is a surprise if not unexpected? What are twins […]

War of the Words: Creative writing and news journalism

During my first semester as an editor at the Daily Trojan, I remember writing a last-minute feature for the news section in order to fill space. It was the first time I had ever written a feature. After I had finished it, my co-editor Sebastian read it over and asked me, “Jack, does being a […]