You strike out sometimes when you’re swinging for the fences

It’s a sports columnist’s worst fear to be wrong. When USC lost to Stanford by double digits last Saturday at the Coliseum, I received a few texts and emails from people — the majority of whom I don’t know — calling me expletives and, most importantly, telling me that I was mistaken in projecting USC […]

Lifestyle: A section of L.A. stenographers

Remember when Trivia Crack was all the rage last spring? Admittedly, it took over my life for a short period of time. Trivia Crack had replaced Facebook, Pinterest and Buzzfeed as my main distractors in classes. Though I slowly gravitated back toward social media and personality quizzes, I’m proud to admit that I earned a […]

Grammar’s difficult dilemmas — repetition and redundancy

It’s a common phrase: difficult dilemma. But it’s also wrong — at least in the grammatical sense since a dilemma is, by definition, difficult. It’s what we call a redundant phrase, and they’re rampant in our speech and writing. We crank our phrases like “actual facts,” “added bonuses” and “basic necessities” without realizing that we’re actually repeating […]

Custom-made: Designing with you in mind

This fall, when I took the offer to be design director of the Daily Trojan, I looked forward to two things. The first was the increased exposure of my designs to a larger audience than my usual Facebook circle. Second, I saw ever-growing potential in the paper and was excited to see how the many […]

Making a difference, one Oxford comma at a time

Grammar, stylistic conventions and the more technical aspects of writing get a bad rap. We all know they’re necessary, but surely it’s the content that makes the writing, right? Besides, breaking the rules from time to time is how creative writing stays fresh. But this is the wrong way to look at it. The rules […]

Ready for takeoff: Opinion Fall 2015

As the fall semester launches into motion, so too do the people behind Daily Trojan Opinion pages to bring you the most advanced editorial section yet. This fall, Daily Trojan Opinion has rolled out an ambitious new vehicle in pursuit of of our old mission, and it is my pleasure to introduce a newly polished Opinion […]

New year, new style

For thousands of school children (and some college students), the first day of school means one stressful decision: a first-day-of-school outfit. At the Daily Trojan this year, we had to make similar decisions, only our style wasn’t fashion — it was grammar. Every publication has a “style” — the way it writes certain words and […]

New and improved: Our vision for Blogs this fall

Welcome to the Daily Trojan’s new and improved blog section! Last semester, we rolled out a new website that allowed us to launch six blogs aimed to build our online presence. Over the summer, we’ve made a few changes that we hope will enhance this section and appeal to a variety of interests that span across […]