Ask Hecuba: Friendless in Fluor Tower

Dear Hecuba, My first semester is almost done and I feel like I don’t fit in at USC. I didn’t get into the club I wanted to join and I didn’t rush, so I’m going to have to wait until next year to find out if I even get into a sorority that I like. […]

5 best places to eat 5 minutes away from campus

The USC campus has many great food selections. For $10 you can spend your entire lunch filling your stomach with The Good Karma Cafe’s unlimited servings of vegetarian dishes. If you’re in need of some wholesome fast food, then of course there’s the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. However, Los Angeles is one of the most […]

Keeping the Snakes Away, Unless They’re Gucci

I might be six months late in writing this, but the year isn’t over yet and Gucci is still a hit. I’m just going to say it: Gucci’s pre-fall campaign changed my life. Ever since its release in April, neither my fashion sense nor my wallet have ever been the same. You’ve probably heard about […]

You can’t go wrong with this football season playlist

Everybody on campus knows there is no other sport that USC prides itself in more than football. Come Saturday, a sea of Cardinal and Gold will storm the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It’s truly a feast for the eyes — eyes that have endured several weeks’ worth of studies, scheduling conflicts and the like. But […]

No AC? No problem

Los Angeles is world famous for its great beach weather that lasts for a good half of each year. Sure, that’s great for beach lovers, but for college students with no air conditioning in their dorms, it could be an absolute nightmare. From being unable to fall asleep to having no motivation to go out, […]

10 Startups of 2017 By USC Students

1. Rimm Bracelets As shown by icons in the fashion industry such as Iris Apfel and Kylie Jenner, the clear and simplistic look has become an icon of the modern era. Rimm Bracelets are handmade with premium, borosilicate glass. They are completely transparent, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Rimm Bracelets are a unique and timeless […]

10 Instagram accounts you should be following

overhearduniversity It’s filled to the brim with funny, relatable posts geared to our demographic. Overhearduniversity features exactly the kind of outlandish exchanges you wish you could have with your professor but would never actually dare to do. Other greats such as overheardnewyork, overheardla, and overheardlondon remind you that no matter where you are in the […]

Sex and the Campus

Welcome to Sex and the Campus, a weekly column where I discuss all things love and relationships. It should be noted that I do not claim to be any kind of expert in either area. Dating is hard, but hopefully reading this column won’t be. If you have any burning questions about love and relationships, […]

Ask Hecuba: Ghosting

Hey Hecuba, When is it appropriate to ghost somebody? Ghosting, in case you don’t know what it is, is the act of suddenly disappearing from somebody’s life, usually in romantic contexts. Thanks, Disappearing in Doheny Hi Disappearing, While ghosting is never the most mature way to handle a situation, it’s understandable that this method is […]

Love U: More than friends but not official

Casual dating is defined as: two people who may or may not share an emotional and sometimes physical relationship without the expectation that it will turn into something official. I’d like to start off by saying to all of the women who are perfectly content with casually dating someone, this by no means is intended […]