Tune View: Sun’s In Libra, Tunes In Bloom

It’s officially Libra season, and that means everything’s amping up. So much to see, so much to listen, and my birthday’s coming up! But more on that later… it’s time to dive into this week’s edition of Tune View from yours truly. New Releases (Past 2 Weeks) Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – I Had A […]

One Scarf, Seven Ways

The best accessory is one you can wear in different ways – like this silk scarf I dug up in a little thrift store while visiting Fullerton. In my experience, a scarf is the perfect way to add a little bit of flair to a simple outfit. I usually wear scarves the classic way, but I […]

The Desert Daze Playlist You Need

By pure luck, I won a pair of festival passes to Desert Daze Festival, thanks to KXSC. The event, which will take place at Joshua Tree National Park on October 14-16, features a myriad of musicians, all ranging in genre. The festival is unique to its own and even prides itself in being a “festival […]

Friday Night Lights: This Week in USC Football

A short week for the USC Trojans takes them from Stanford to Utah in a six-day stretch. I carried with me all week the disappointment from Saturday’s loss to our bitter rivals in NorCal, but, as always, I welcomed a new game day with open arms. A reflection on last Saturday’s game: As harsh as […]

Finding My Tribe: The November Project

Los Angeles is a beautiful and terrifying city of lights and highways and poverty and glamour. People swarm here from all over the world to fulfill their dreams and realize their potential. Everybody is trying to make something of themselves. It can be so easy to get caught up in the chaos and to feel […]

Sips Tea: Nah-maste On My Couch This Weekend

The weather may not be cold enough to pull out that sweater or those new thigh-high boots you bought, but one thing that is guaranteed this fall is some good Netflix and chill material. If you’re anything like me, going out after a long week of classes and work sometimes is just not the move. […]

Skimming through college

If the average college student doesn’t have an internship or job, isn’t involved in numerous organizations on campus, doesn’t get less than seven hours of sleep, and isn’t expected to complete 200 plus pages of reading per week, then is he really a college student? The fact that the American educational system is not what […]

Hopping Off the Plane at LAX: First Impressions

In the weeks leading up to my flight across the Atlantic to study abroad in America, I realized that my decision had raised many eyebrows. I had a well-paying job, and like my friends often liked to point out, my personal life was all settled. The reasons were many, but the strongest of them dawned […]

Academia Nuts: Jody Armour — Exuberant Nappiness

For the last few weeks, the dialogue surrounding race and social justice in the United States has been reduced to a single question, framed as a black-and-white (or maybe a black-vs-white) issue: do you support Colin Kaepernick and his decision to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner, or is ‘disrespecting’ the American flag a hostile […]

19 Going On 20: Scotland Edition

I turned 20 yesterday — the first birthday I’ve celebrated more than 5,000 miles away from home. It’s also my golden birthday, which means I turned 20 on September 20, and I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate it with friends old and new. Scotland is full of constant surprises. This weekend, I took a trip up […]