Why I Call Myself a Feminist

I’m going to be honest: until recently, I’d always felt somewhat uncomfortable with the word “feminism.” As someone who’s pretty outspoken about the subtle and not-so-subtle inequities between men and women in society, I’d feel guilty when I found myself cringing every time someone asked me if I was a feminist and I’d answer proudly, […]

Sips Tea: Started From The Bottom Now We…Where?

This week, like many of the past seven weeks, I went to class, I went to work, I had a few cups of coffees in between (Coffee Bean #regrets), and I asked myself what the meaning of my life was. Looking back a few episodes in this telenovela I call my life, I was celebrating […]

Why to not question questions

During my first week at USC, several things made me reaffirm my admiration for this university. Firstly, I was was in awe by students’ ability to avoid collisions while rushing to class, regardless of their choice of transportation: skateboard, bike, or even hoverboard. I can’t even text and chew gum at the same time without […]

Artists to Watch – October 2016

A short-list of musicians trending as we officially enter fall. SHELLS – The London beauty recently released her third single “Jailbird,” celebrating female inner strength. Her lyrics are exceptionally potent which proves that the single is more than just another throw away pop song. These are combined with catchy production, that will have you leaving […]

Living in a dorm with no AC

“How are you not dying of heat? I can barely breathe in here.” “I don’t know; this is the best it has felt all week. I even felt a little chilly today.” “You have grown too accustomed to this heat. I am genuinely worried about you.” This was the conversation that took place as my […]

A Walk Along the Venice Canals

Being an international student in America can be as unnerving as it is exciting. Amidst all the initial chaos and anxiety of settling in, most of us are bitten by the “Explore L.A.” bug. One leisurely afternoon, a group of friends and I hopped onto a bus and ended up in the Venice Canal Historic District. Downtown L.A., Santa […]

4 Easy Recipes for a Winning Tailgate

There’s nothing better than a game day tailgate, especially at USC. Our school is known for its massive pre-football game parties. People all over campus are decked out in cardinal and gold, buzzing with excitement for the game and, best of all, snacking on delicious food. Everyone is getting pumped and fueling up before the […]

A Night of Jazz and Reverence for Gilles Peterson

Last Wednesday, the Theatre at Ace Hotel hosted an event that even my dad was jealous of missing. To celebrate legendary radio DJ Gilles Peterson’s birthday, a collective of funky musicians came together to inspire a crowd the way Peterson has inspired many. A lineup made up of BadBadNotGood, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Nai Palm, Kamasi […]

Vegan food in LA: Cafe Gratitude

Week two of delicious vegan food in our enormous LA area and I had to return to the OG Vegan eats location. Whether you’re vegan or not, I’m going to pretty safely bet that you’ve at least heard of Cafe Gratitude – I began eating here well before I “officially” introduced a vegan diet into […]