4 Recipes To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

As USC students, we have the opportunity to camp at incredible sites around California. There are campgrounds all over the state at spots like Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Black Mountain, and Death Valley to name just a few. These places have amazing scenery and provide a break from South Central. The only thing that could improve […]

I Got 99 Problems, But A Registration Date Ain’t One

I actually wore a sweater this week! Finally. But it was a short-lived celebration that quickly resulted in what would be a classic scene from Punk’d. Although Ashton Kutcher wasn’t there to personally laugh at me, the overcast clouds clearing out before noon was indication enough that I had made the wrong outfit choice. We […]

Megan’s Midterms Survival Guide

Midterm season has begun! Although it feels like we have only been in school for a couple of days, the reality is that we are halfway finished with the Fall semester. I know that when I flipped the page in my weekly planner yesterday my heart quite literally skipped a beat. Three midterms in the […]

A trek to knowledge: the High Atlas

Imagine lying on a rooftop, in pitch black, gazing at the stars. Your zenith is the Milky Way galaxy, a visual cloud of clustered stars with a faint color of silver and deep purple. This mesmerizing sight was my view for two nights in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the largest mountain range in […]

Diary of an Undecided Freshman: Picking GE’s

As an undecided freshman who had – and still has- no idea what she wants to study or what she wants to be, freshman orientation was crazy, absolutely crazy. I was completely unsure about what I wanted to study and had no idea what a GE was. So here is my completely random schedule that […]

Academia Nuts: Ken Nealson

Professor Ken Nealson is the Wrigley Chair in Environmental Studies at USC. Over the last 45 years, Nealson has had a hand in many fields. Technically, his lab is part of the earth sciences division. However, it is also a environmental microbiology lab, a biogeochemistry lab, and a geoelectrochemistry lab. The more niche the science […]

Daily Trojan’s Daily Poet: Forgiveness After Betrayal

This week’s series of poems are about finding forgiveness after betrayal. The first poem talks about the betrayal of being pulled in and pushed out of a relationship. As the poems progress, it discusses inner conflictions that have stemmed from the emotions of anger and sadness associated with the betrayal. “IDENTITIES” is about the struggle […]

Ask Hahney: Developing Confidence

Q: What are your pieces of advice for developing confidence? A: This answer sucks to write but sometimes developing confidence takes time. Very few people are born confident. Confidence doesn’t occur overnight. There will also be days when you feel less confident, days when you feel overconfident, and certainly days when you’re unsure of what […]

USC Parent’s Weekend-Inspired Playlist

This past weekend was full of warm welcomes for parents and students across campus. With a day full of tailgating on Saturday and a concert delivered by the legendary Bangles, it’s no doubt that parents reconnected with their golden years. When I told my mom about the Bangles coming out to play a show, she […]

Why I Call Myself a Feminist

I’m going to be honest: until recently, I’d always felt somewhat uncomfortable with the word “feminism.” As someone who’s pretty outspoken about the subtle and not-so-subtle inequities between men and women in society, I’d feel guilty when I found myself cringing every time someone asked me if I was a feminist and I’d answer proudly, […]