Rhodes Must Fall: A brief guide to UCT’s protest culture

I was cooking some corn in the kitchen when Tumi, my roommate, told me that Patience, her friend and a student at University of Cape Town, was going to crash at our place for a few days until she got her housing sorting out. Upon further questioning, I learned what had happened to Patience and […]

Throwing out ripe bananas and expired bread? Not so fast!

It’s always unfortunate when food goes bad and you’re forced to throw it away, but before you do that, here are some ideas to salvage some of those goodies. Ripe bananas If you bananas have gone ripe, don’t worry! That’s the perfect way for them to be used in the next two delicious desserts: A) […]

Stay on the left and other rules of road tripping

“Get out of Auckland as much as you can.” That was the number one piece of advice that I heard from New Zealanders. While the big city has plenty of perks, it’s the small towns and miles of beautiful, rugged landscape that people come all the way across the world for. Unfortunately, those are a […]

Tech Tips of the Week: Facebook

While I consider myself to be a pretty social media-addicted millennial, I’m constantly discovering new features on Facebook. It seems that new products are being launched on the platform everyday; Lyft and Uber integration, reactions and Facebook Live are all just 2016 developments. Here’s a roundup of three Facebook features I noticed recently that will […]

Being More than just a Tourist

Because I’m currently on my way to France, I’m going to begin with a bit of wisdom from French novelist Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” One of the greatest things about studying abroad in Europe is it allows people the opportunity to […]

Love U: The Last Text

From break ups to make ups and everything in between, “Love U” captures the nuances of college students’ relationships. “Love U” runs in DeeTs on Mondays. Maybe it’s the generic “Lol” or the “Goodnight!” or maybe even the seemingly promising “See you later :).” You know, it’s the last text — that last time you […]

Five places in LA to get your burrito fix without going to Chipotle

Most college students depend on Chipotle to satisfy their burrito cravings, and that makes sense. After all, Chipotle has quick service, quality food and a wide variety of fillings. On top of everything else, the food is pretty affordable. What’s not to love? However, while Chipotle burritos are great, they aren’t the only option. Once […]

International economics, student edition

My third week in Istanbul, I met a Boğaziçi student who had just returned from studying at a Russian university for two years, where he had planned to finish his degree. Prior to that, he had been pursuing a philosophy degree at Boğaziçi when he decided that the subject wasn’t really for him. But after […]

Ask Tiffany: DIY: Breaking the ice with a hottie

I haven’t had a crush on anyone in like, centuries. But there’s this one guy at work that I’m stupid hung up on. We don’t work the same shift, I’ve only run into him a few times, and we barely know each other. How can I find an excuse to talk to him? We aren’t even […]