Twelve Pentatonix selections to love

  Pentatonix became famous after debuting on the Sing Off show, winning our hearts while they were at it. They’ve taken the a capella world by storm with their incredible arrangements, beautiful voices and stunning talent since 2011. With their upcoming show at the Microsoft Theater on May 1, here are a few ideas for […]

Ask Tiffany: On being a good friend to a bad one

My relationship with one of my best friends has fizzled over the past couple years. She’s dealing with a lot of personal problems, and while I am more than happy to be there for her, she has a tendency to lash out at those closest to her — she needs to bring those around her down […]

Tips and Tricks: Job Searching

For college students, this time of year is associated with what seems like endless elevator pitches and handshakes. We’re gearing up for the summer and pulling out all the stops in hopes of landing employment opportunities and paving our careers. While it’s an exciting time, it can also be intimidating and overwhelming. But have no […]

Shades of Gray: Journeying Across Siberia By Train

As someone whose parents grew up in the former Soviet Union, I’ve heard my share of Putin jokes and references to communism. When people find out that I’m a first-generation Russian-American who speaks fluent Russian, they generally tend to ask one of two things: do I love the cold? (yes) and do I drink a […]

This isn’t your high school paper

  During my senior year in high school, I was one of the sports editors of the campus paper. There were four of us; we had an issue only about every two months, and we typically only had four to five pages to fill. Now nearly three months into my gig as a sports editor […]

MF DOOM serves up exquisite rap album, Mm…Food

Hip-hop artist MF DOOM is an enigma. Starting from his early work as ZEV LOVE X with KMD in the early ’90s, DOOM has proven himself to be one of rap’s most creative and prolific forces. Yet little is known about his personal life — and that’s the way he likes it. He always wears […]

Presenting Randy’s Donuts, as seen on TV

★★★☆☆ For my most recent donut adventure, I explored arguably the most visited donut place in Los Angeles — Randy’s Donuts. You’ve probably seen photos of the small shop dating back to 1953 when it was founded, or perhaps you recognize it from the scene in Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark casually sits on […]

Celebrate Phife Dawg’s brilliance with a playlist

Hip-hop has lost an icon that will never be replaced. Rapper Malik Taylor, also known as Phife Dawg, passed away this past Tuesday at the age of 45. When music loses a visionary like this, every artist knows that their brilliance will never grace music again, and Taylor is certainly no exception. For those who […]

iKhaya le Langa: The House of the Sun

The minute the clock hits 3:45 p.m., I shove everything into my backpack and make a beeline out of class and down the six-and-a-half-billion stairs that lead from the University of Cape Town to the main road. Although the idea of erecting a university on a mountainside turned out to be a gorgeous idea, it […]