15 ways to gain your Freshman 15

As the semester begins to wind down and finals are just around the corner, you might be bogged down and feel unaccomplished or incomplete. If this is the end of your first year at USC and you have not yet achieved the Freshman 15, we’re here to help you out with a few suggestions to […]

Ask Tiffany: Love FOMO before the “diplomo”

  I’m pretty sure I have a huge crush on my best friend, but I’m scared to tell him because I’m afraid he won’t feel the same way and it will ruin our friendship. Also, we’re seniors so I just don’t really see how this would even work out after graduating … what should I […]

Top five apps for grocery shopping

Grocery shopping can be such a hassle but here are five amazing apps that will change your grocery shopping experience forever. Ralph’s App Most of us do our grocery shopping at Ralphs, but have you gotten its app yet? I downloaded it at the beginning of the semester and discovered a few interesting features that […]

No Reservations: Cuba

Think Travel; Not Vacation Cabo, going home, skiing, San Diego — the list goes on and on when deciding on your spring break itinerary. Most likely, Cuba wasn’t on your list this year of spring break destinations, and without a little creativity, it wouldn’t have been on ours either. Our decision to travel to Cuba […]

Wanted: Submissions on your parents’ love stories

Parents always have the best stories, especially when it comes to retelling the time the stars aligned when they first locked eyes. Share their love story with us for our feature, “The Parent Trap.” We’d love to hear! Email dailytrojanblogs@gmail.com.

Reflections on the “Periphery”

Bear with me, but I saw a tweet the other day that really stuck with me (I warned you to bear with me) — “Everyone from the center should live in the periphery for a while. It changes your thinking.” And while Turkey really isn’t the periphery, to a majority of the Western world, particularly […]

Why YOU should care about health care

If you’re still reading this article, kudos. A lot of 18- to 22-year-old college students already have most of their brain space consumed with issues more apropos to their age group — that WRIT 340 paper due tomorrow that you haven’t started, which frats are throwing parties this coming weekend or how you’re possibly going […]

The sports stories worth telling underscore a passion for people

Sports. The always-ridiculed section of the newspaper. Why do we even write about sports? It’s a bunch of men and women competing and aiming for glory with nothing but a singlet, a helmet or a racket to assist them. Of course, there are flaws in the sports industry. We consistently see issues of drug doping, […]

Graduation goals: The USC foodie bucket list

Time is ticking for the soon-to-be graduates out there with only four weeks left of school. Whether you’re from Los Angeles or not, there is no doubt that this city serves up some of the best eats in the world. There’s something for everyone, from the pizza snob to the coffee connoisseur to the brunch […]

Six boba places to visit around USC

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably heard of bubble tea — or boba as they call it here in SoCal. It’s a cold, sweet drink with a creamy tea base and chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. This trendy drink comes in hundreds of flavors. It is typically made with a black or green tea […]