Ask Tiffany: Stay strong or “Dear John”

Dear Tiffany, How do you sustain a relationship when both you and your partner are graduating and taking jobs in different cities? Is it time to split? Before you consider taking on long distance, make sure your relationship has an impressive amount of mutual trust, respect and adoration. A long distance relationship isn’t even worth […]

Ask Tiffany: Catcalls and snowfalls

Dear Tiffany, The other day I was walking along the street by a group of young men. I walked by, and they proceeded to whistle and shout things. Ugh. I was so disgusted. Naturally, I gave them the bird and kept walking. However, I thought about it later and I realized that maybe this wasn’t […]

Ask Tiffany: Does dating exist at USC?

Hey Tiffany, I’m 22, and a senior in college. As a guy, I have always wanted a relationship, which doesn’t seem to be what a lot of my friends around me are looking for at this age. I’ve been with a handful of ladies in the past couple years, and just when things seem like […]

Ask Tiffany: The value of mental health

Dear Tiffany, I’m a new student and I’m far from home. I feel depressed, isolated and hopeless right now. Who do I talk to, because my anxiety is out of control and I don’t want to talk to my advisor because I do not want them to look down on me. My thought process is […]

Ask Tiffany: On making friends and being cool

Dear Tiffany, I’m a freshman trying to find who my best friends will be here at college. I can’t help but feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t found that person or group that I “click” with. I’ve been hanging out with the girls down the hall in my dorm, but they’re pretty reserved […]

Ask Tiffany: Romantic troubles

Dear Tiffany,  So, I met this guy this summer when I was abroad, and we sort of had a fling. Halfway through, I realized he wasn’t the best dude. Handsome? Oh, yes. Boyfriend material? No. However, I still can’t get him out of my brain! I still find myself waiting for his text responses and […]

Ask Tiffany: Celebrity worship, dorm dogs and iced coffee

Dear Tiffany, I am an active followers of all things Kardashian — Twitter, Snapchat, mobile gaming and occasional merchandise purchases. Does this guilty pleasure need to carry such a harsh social stigma? Can a person indulge in celebrity worship and still feel like a decent person with integrity? I know many intellectual, socially conscious people […]

New advice column Ask Tiffany: Got questions?

Dear readers, With her new advice column coming soon, blog columnist Tiffany Kuan is ready to take your questions and tackle your problems! From roommate situations to tips on breaking bad habits, Tiff is here to consider your case with wit, wisdom and a grounded set of values.  Submit your ethical quandaries to and […]