Why no one does college “right”

After 14 weeks of blogging about the end of my undergraduate career, it’s now actually the final week of my undergraduate career — a little bit of a drawn-out farewell, I know, but bear with me for one more blog post. I thought writing my last post would be easy. In fact, even as this past […]

Nerding out for senior year

Call me a nerd but I really, really love learning. Back in my first blog post of the semester, one of my goals was to embrace all the learning opportunities I am lucky enough to have at my disposal at a USC student. I wanted to soak up all the information that I could in […]

#TBT to senior year of high school

Last week, admissions letters for USC’s class of 2020 were sent out. Cardinal and gold envelopes were mailed all around the country — even around the world, and hopeful applicants tore them open to see if they had received an invitation to become a Trojan. Admission to USC’s freshman class was more selective than ever […]

The worth of my four years at USC

Amid a national conversation on college affordability, and a recently proposed tuition hike here at USC, I feel it’s imperative to discuss the value of my education over the past four years. My courses at USC have undoubtedly given me skills to not only to put on my resume, but also to use for the career […]

Real Friends in the Real World

Let’s face it, going into freshman year you probably had no friends. The great thing about going into freshman year, though, is that no one else has any friends either  —  the handful of people from your high school and your roommate “bestie” that you met on Facebook don’t count. I distinctly remember the night […]

Somewhere between responsible and restless

With less than 90 days until graduation, there’s a certain pressure, partially self-imposed and partially peer-imposed, to capitalize on every opportunity during senior year. Everyone wants to make it the year of saying yes to every adventure, big or small. At the same time, however, I know I have a future to prepare for — that […]