Underrated and affordable online shopping sites

There are two types of independence that most students gain when they begin college life. First, we have independence in terms of our schedules — the independence to go out whenever we want, wherever we want,  or to stay in and watch a movie when we should be studying. But the second type of independence […]

Four Outfits for Your Sorority Monday Night Dinner

Monday Night Dinner is a weekly tradition between IFC fraternities and Panhellenic sororities During MND, everyone wears cute dresses or skirts with nice blouses and eats dinner together in the house. Each sorority visits all of the fraternities to make deliveries of candy, snacks and other small gifts to members of the houses and the […]

Don’t sweat the sweats

Spending all day at the library? Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. Stock up on these athletic and cozy staples whether it’s for  a marathon study session or a chill day of homework. These Adidas sweatpants are a versatile closet necessity. With the Adidas Originals’ three white stripes, they have a classic and sporty look. The […]

Five essential smart shopping tips

For many college students, you may notice money gets tight every now and then. In-between paying for school supplies, food and fun, there might not be enough money left for your wardrobe. Trying to stay up-to-date with constantly changing trends has the ability to empty your wallet. Here are a few tips to helping prevent […]

Where to shop for student discounts

  College comes at a hefty price. Annual tuition aside, students are required to pay additional fees for things like school supplies, textbooks, housing and meal plans. If college students know anything, it’s that these numbers can add up quickly, and budgeting can be a tricky feat to manage among the many other responsibilities of […]

Evolving Style: From Freshman To Senior Year

A lot changes from freshman year to senior year. Priorities shift, energy decreases and clothes become more socially acceptable. There are a few dead giveaways to differentiate the freshmen from the seniors. I would like to take a look at classroom outfits as well as going out outfits to show you how to spot the […]

5 brunch outfit styles

You may be wondering how to fit everything into your busy schedule with the school semester starting to look a little hectic this fall. However, dressing for meeting up with your friends doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can be fun and quick. Here are five fashionable looks that you can use as a […]

Five must-follow fashion blogs

I have found that one of the greatest qualities of the internet is that it is the proud keeper of the style blogs that define our fashion fantasies. These blogs are the sites we regularly stalk and frequently reference, and a great source of innovation and creativity. Behind each of these lofty URLs are talented […]

Top 5 College Closet Essentials

College often means studying, studying and more studying. It almost seems like there is no room to think about anything else other than classes. Nothing like friends, family and especially fashion. When rushing to get to class every morning because you overslept, how you look may be the last thing on your mind. You might […]

What Your Gameday Style Says About You

Everyone has their go-to outfit on gameday — the one you daydream about wearing all week while waiting for Saturday to come. Where you can be found and what you are doing during a USC home football game can be easily discerned from your game day attire. Are you running around 28th Street in a […]