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Angelenos celebrate Endeavour flight for the wrong reasons

It seemed as if the whole city was watching: The six o’clock news was flooded with interviews from people who had waited in a certain spot for hours, people updated their Facebook statuses at the speed of light and Instagram probably almost broke down due to the amount of users making their space shuttle shots […]

Symposium’s call for non-partisanship is essential

From brutal campaign ads to personal attacks to the not-so-friendly moniker Barrack Hussein, the battlefield of politics has been particularly nasty in recent years. Such nastiness is rooted in rigid partisanship, which has contributed to an endemic inability of lawmakers of different parties to work with one another. In the midst of this national fiasco, […]

Students should appreciate iPhones

The iPhone 5 has officially arrived on campus. Many students have their new toys on display in classrooms and dining halls, some still with the protective plastic wrap in place. Students with the “old” iPhone 4 are debating the relative merits of the new model. But what about those students with no iPhone at all? […]

Students should adopt watchful mentality

As new technology climbs to the top of ways to combat crime and theft on campus, the question of efficacy invariably comes up. As the Daily Trojan reported Thursday, USC’s Dept. of Public Safety has seen recent success in tracking down stolen property through the use of security cameras and tracking software. However, if we […]

Santorum unwittingly alienates the conservative youth vote

After the last presidential election, one would think that Republicans, Democrats, Independents—you name it—would have come to value the younger voting demographic a little more,  particularly college students. One would think. Many politicians have passed up the opportunity to pander to youth, but few have outright insulted this group of potential voters. As it  happens, […]

Students should take advantage of activism resurgence

Hundreds of protestors converged on the New York Stock Exchange Monday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement. For many present, the celebration reawakened an energy they had not felt since the protest was officially evicted from New York’s Zuccotti Park last November. For those of us far from The Big Apple, the […]

Pedestrians should play equally important role in their own safety

USC’s pedestrian safety campaign has been doggedly trying to instill a sense of accountability in the large contingent of cyclists and boarders on campus. But and equally important component of pedestrian safety is pedestrian accountability. Somewhere down the line, there seems to have been a subtle injection of an us vs. them mentality into the […]