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Drop in university rankings will push USC to do better

For the past couple of years, it seemed that USC was going to ascend national college rankings as quickly as UCLA was doomed to descend it. Well, the dream has slowed down a bit. In U.S. News and World Report’s latest rankings of national universities, USC and UCLA have tied for the twenty-fourth spot. This […]

Skateboards should be walked on campus

At first glance, it may seem like the bicycle debate at USC is unnecessary. However, if one takes the time to stop and think, one realizes that this dilemma affects the day-to-day life of every student here. Having all been made late by bike congestion and seen or been part of a bike collision at […]

Rushed rushing is for the best

Female students often lament that sorority rush has to coincide with the first week of class. Yet, contrary to popular belief, this first week could actually be the perfect time for rush. It’s just hectic enough to test a girl’s commitment and time management skills, but not so busy as to be overwhelming.

EVK becomes a better dining hall

When considering what college to attend, prospective students pay close attention to a place’s aesthetics and living conditions. Often, one of the major aspects they consider is the food in the school’s dining halls. Last spring, I came to campus as a prospective student for the “Explore USC” program. I remember having dinner at EVK […]

USC’s Westwood billboard should not have been covered

Has anyone had the chance to see the Matt Barkley billboard on the intersection of Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Drive recently? No? Me neither. No one has. This billboard, featuring Barkley looking to the sky, was painted over early Tuesday morning. All that remains is a black background. As USC spokesperson Tim Tessalone told ESPN […]