Diablo Taco’s delicious innovation makes it worth the money

A mere 20 minutes away from campus, sitting right on Sunset Boulevard is the small and rustic, yet lively Diablo Taco. A heavy wooden door will open its way to a dungeon-like room with brick walls and a high-top wooden table that crosses the whole restaurant. Food is self-served, with the menu displayed on a […]

Uber’s food delivery service is FRESH

If there’s anything college students love, it’s kicking back, watching Netflix and eating obscene amounts of food from the comfort of their dorms and apartments. Since August 2014, Uber, one of the most popular driving services in the area has been offering its clients a way to continue their lazy Sundays by introducing a new delivery dining […]

Q & A: Rick Caruso and the City of Los Angeles

“Rick Caruso, it’s a pleasure. I’ll be right with you, let me just get settled in my office,” Mr. Caruso said as he shook my hand in the lobby of Caruso Affiliated offices at The Grove in Mid-City Los Angeles. Stepping out of the elevator, he was returning from a business meeting and was stepping […]

Good Karma Café offers the healthiest dishes on campus

Right across the street from Taper Hall, nestled in a small courtyard, sits the Good Karma Café that serves all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet open to the public. Organized by the Office of Religious Life and the United University Church, the Good Karma Café offers unlimited food for only $10. Tuesdays they serve Indian food, and Wednesday’s […]

Bring fall to spring with a bowl of roasted butternut squash soup

The first day of spring just passed, but it doesn’t mean we have to box up our favorite recipes from seasons past. During a trip to Ralph’s, I stumbled upon a package of pre-cut butternut squash which to me was very exciting because, firstly, butternut squash is extremely difficult to peel and cut, and secondly, […]

Maccheroni Republic might just be pasta paradise

Tucked away from the bustle of Downtown and the unrelenting vroom of cars, is a little oasis for pasta lovers called Maccheroni Republic. Going in with a craving for Italian and a brief recommendation from a friend, I initially knew little of the Broadway trattoria, but left the restaurant feeling full and fulfilled—as if I had just […]

Snacking smart for midterms

Midterm week is full of mixed emotions. Most of us are probably crying over multiple midterms, inconvenient additional assignments and projects professors made due this week, and the fact that the only sleep we’re getting might be in Leavey. But at the same time Trojans, today is Wednesday which means you’ve almost made it through […]

Fuel your midterm-ready brain with a breakfast tortilla

Midterm season is killing us all. You have three midterms in one day and you will probably spend the weekend locked up 24/7 in the library. There’s barely any time for eating, let alone cooking. So here you will find the perfect breakfast dish tailored for college students on a low budget and low on […]

Green Machine: Matcha cheesecake, coupled with smoothie

We’ve all probably tried green tea and cheesecake at some point in our lives, but what about green tea cheesecake? Matcha green tea powder is sweeping the health and culinary worlds for both its flavorful qualities and for its many unexpected health benefits. We all know that brewed green tea is healthy, so imagine spicing […]

L.A.’s Home: Langer’s Delicatessen

“World’s Famous Hot Pastrami” towers over the corner of Alvarado and 7th St. next to Los Angeles’ renowned MacArthur Park. At Langer’s Deli, it is the truth. Beef reigns king in this part of town while pastrami is the poster-boy at this 68 year-old iconic delicatessen. At Langer’s, they don’t just make a sandwich; they […]