Show Me the Coffee: Philz Coffee

As I continue to search for hidden, caffeinated gems, Philz Coffee emerges above the rest. This coffeehouse is truly the antithesis of typical coffee shop chains. Quality reigns above quantity, a promise that I truly admire but wanted to test for myself. If you’re in a rush for a quick cup of joe, then this […]

Eat Vegan at Sage Plant Based Bistro

As the newest member of the vegan community, I have really tried to suppress my fantasies about cheese. But sometimes you just cannot escape them. With my cheese craving building up for weeks, I had to get my hands on some vegan mac n’ cheese. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Sage Plant Based Bistro. […]

The 4 Best Flavors at Salt & Straw

If you live in Los Angeles and like ice cream, you’ve probably heard of Salt & Straw. The name has become more relevant as a new flagship store popped up in the Arts District just last fall. Instead of venturing to Venice or Studio City, USC students can now get this delicious treat Downtown. Salt […]

5 Best Foods to Eat on Your Hike

It’s spring semester, which means that game days are no longer keeping USC students on campus on weekends. Many students decide to spend their weekends taking day trips; one of the most popular activities is hiking. There are countless hikes around Los Angeles that range from flat to extremely elevated and strenuous. People rave about […]

Show Me the Coffee: Found Coffee

As a coffee enthusiast, I find myself traversing Los Angeles in search of a coffee shop that satisfies my taste buds, as well as aesthetic needs. Situated in Eagle Rock, California, Found Coffee opened its gates to a caffeinated promise land. The abundance of succulents and carrera marble countertops transported me to realm of endless […]

Zinc Café: A Vegetarian Meal with a Side of James Franco

If you asked me what the best part of my weekend was, I would definitely say it was my experience at Zinc Café & Market, and not just because I was seated three feet away from actor James Franco. Located on Mateo Street in the up and coming Arts District, Zinc is the perfect spot […]

Vegan & Vegetarian Food: Finals Week Edition

Finals suck – there’s no other way to put it. Late nights, no sleep, too much coffee, chocolate, candy (although can we ever really have too much?), all running, running, running towards the reward of Winter Break… a reward that never seems to get any closer. Luckily for you, however, there are a bunch of […]

The Complete Cookbook for a Successful Friendsgiving

As the Halloween festivities draw to a close, it’s time to prepare for the next holiday in 2016. Thanksgiving, the holiday that is quite literally celebrated by eating as much as you possibly can, is approaching very quickly. For the students that are lucky enough to go home for the holidays and have a homecooked […]

6 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Obsessed With Avocados

  If you live in California, you’re probably aware of the avocado shortage that’s heavily affecting avocado lovers everywhere. Due to a worker’s strike in Mexico and an exceptionally dry season in California, many growers have had limited avocados to sell this season. The shortage of avocados, or “guacapocalypse” as some people have begun to […]

4 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Try

Missing a drink for your weekend? Here are some simple mocktails you can whip up at home in minutes. Roy Rogers Mocktail Let’s begin with something basic that uses ingredients we all definitely have at home. This one requires Grenadine, Coke or Pepsi, and cherries for garnish. Mix 1-part grenadine and 3 parts of your […]