How What You Eat Affects The Environment

Global warming is progressing – our climate is becoming more unpredictable, coastal homes are being destroyed and forecasted damage is becoming less of a futuristic horror story and more of a new-generation reality. It’s incredible to see how many people care – how many people make conscious efforts to walk more and drive less, or […]

Best L.A. Coffee Shops for Studying

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Los Angeles it’s that people absolutely love coffee shops. The city has a variety of shops, and each has a unique vibe. It seems like all of these places are full of trendy, L.A. locals writing screenplays and drinking matcha. The area surrounding USC doesn’t have the largest […]

5 Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and we all know that means it’s time to start brainstorming the perfect costume. There are tons of ideas floating around on the internet. It seems like everyone wants to dress as popular TV show characters. Or maybe people will opt for the classic angel or devil costume. What […]

Eat food and love yourself

As both a teenage girl and an avid foodie (the kind of foodie that eats a lot and thinks about food too much, rather than the kind of foodie that tries new things and dines out lavishly), the conflicts between food, nutrition, body image and self-love are all too real, and all to unwelcomed. In […]

4 Recipes To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

As USC students, we have the opportunity to camp at incredible sites around California. There are campgrounds all over the state at spots like Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Black Mountain, and Death Valley to name just a few. These places have amazing scenery and provide a break from South Central. The only thing that could improve […]

4 Easy Recipes for a Winning Tailgate

There’s nothing better than a game day tailgate, especially at USC. Our school is known for its massive pre-football game parties. People all over campus are decked out in cardinal and gold, buzzing with excitement for the game and, best of all, snacking on delicious food. Everyone is getting pumped and fueling up before the […]

Vegan food in LA: Cafe Gratitude

Week two of delicious vegan food in our enormous LA area and I had to return to the OG Vegan eats location. Whether you’re vegan or not, I’m going to pretty safely bet that you’ve at least heard of Cafe Gratitude – I began eating here well before I “officially” introduced a vegan diet into […]

Must Try Microwave Mug Cakes

As students, we often don’t get the time to cook meals, let alone desserts, but when we do crave them – mug cakes are the way to go! Simple, easy and consisting of very few ingredients, they have become all the rage. Here are three recipes to try: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mug Cake The most […]

Vegan food in LA: Pressed Juicery – Freeze

I chose probably the worst time to go vegan in my entire life – a month into my freshman year at college. I mean, seriously? Did I actually consider the fact that I had to eat out of the on campus dining halls…..? Clearly not, and I quickly realized that living off peanut butter toast […]

A healthy guide to campus cuisine

There’s a lot of things that matter to us college students — parties, tailgates, football, grades(?), sleep, Netflix — and the most important of all: Food. Food is everything. But, what’s even more important to us? Cheap food. The sad side-effect of said ‘cheap food, however, is that often the cheaper the food is more […]