Nine situations every foodie will understand

I don’t know about you, but food will always be the way to my heart. Yes, I admit it. I am a foodie. My thoughts constantly revolve around everything food-related. What am I eating for dinner tonight? Wow that burrito looks really good, I wonder where it’s from. Where should I go for brunch this […]

An Overview: Donut Worry, Be Happy

Over the past eight months, I have traveled far and wide to explore 11 of the most well-known donut places in Los Angeles. I often joke that this column might as well be called “How I Gained my Freshman 15,” but that makes it sound like I belong on some TLC show, and I’m not […]

Grow your herbs with a dorm-friendly indoor garden

When a recipe calls for chicken, pasta, veggies or cheese, I nod my head thinking, “Got it, got it, got it and got it.” But when moving to the bottom half of a recipe and noticing it calls for common herbs such as parsley, basil or oregano, I think, “Don’t got any of that.” I, […]

Eight dorm food staples to stay fit and healthy in these last two weeks

Most college students know the challenge of living in a tiny, shoebox-sized dorm room with no kitchen. You reminisce about living at home, where you could make scrambled eggs or throw together a quesadilla on the stove. USC has great on-campus dining options, but sometimes you just need a quick snack and don’t want to […]

Six DIY milkshakes to try making on your study break

Sometimes, there’s nothing you want more than a frothy, creamy milkshake. It’s a filling dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth, but it’s also one you can make in your own kitchen. Next time you get a milkshake craving, don’t head over to a local diner or ice cream shop. Instead, whip out your blender and […]

U Jelly? U should be!

★★★★★ It pains me to say that my latest donut adventure marks the penultimate post of my column, but I can at least say that it was a tasty end to my journey! Just like my experience with writing this biweekly column, my journey to U Jelly was long, but rewarding. With the store located […]

15 ways to gain your Freshman 15

As the semester begins to wind down and finals are just around the corner, you might be bogged down and feel unaccomplished or incomplete. If this is the end of your first year at USC and you have not yet achieved the Freshman 15, we’re here to help you out with a few suggestions to […]

Top five apps for grocery shopping

Grocery shopping can be such a hassle but here are five amazing apps that will change your grocery shopping experience forever. Ralph’s App Most of us do our grocery shopping at Ralphs, but have you gotten its app yet? I downloaded it at the beginning of the semester and discovered a few interesting features that […]

Graduation goals: The USC foodie bucket list

Time is ticking for the soon-to-be graduates out there with only four weeks left of school. Whether you’re from Los Angeles or not, there is no doubt that this city serves up some of the best eats in the world. There’s something for everyone, from the pizza snob to the coffee connoisseur to the brunch […]

Six boba places to visit around USC

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably heard of bubble tea — or boba as they call it here in SoCal. It’s a cold, sweet drink with a creamy tea base and chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. This trendy drink comes in hundreds of flavors. It is typically made with a black or green tea […]