With a Twist: Healthy Food Alternatives

  A lot of people ask me how I can survive without carbs, sugar or sweets. As a healthy eater, I choose to fuel my body with healthy food, but as mentioned before, this was not always my lifestyle. Admittedly, I loved to indulge in candy and carbs. However, once I started eating healthy, I […]

With a Twist: Five Places to Put Some Positivity in Your Life

  We made it – we are in the home stretch of school. With only a few weeks left and some big projects, papers and exams due soon it is easy to slip into a stressed mood and a negative mindset. However, do not be discouraged, because all it takes is a reminder of the […]

How To: Adopt the Law of Attraction

I’m going to give you a very fair (and ironically very serious) heads up before you read this week’s article: I am going to sound like a flowers-in-the-hair-wheatgrass-drinking-hippie … and that’s okay! Maybe I am a wheatgrass-drinking fanatic — you’ll never know. What really matters here is your attitude. The law of attraction is a […]

With a Twist: Overcoming a Fear of a Fitness First

  Admittedly, walking into a fitness studio for the first time can be extremely intimidating. I know firsthand the fear of the unknown hour that lies ahead can easily prevent oneself from trying a new class. If you relate to this feeling or have a friend that is hesitant to join you in your fitness […]

Sips Tea: Advice You Need To Hear Right Now

  For starters, I know I have been slacking. But sometimes I have to get my ducks in a row and my life more in order before I could even begin to put my thoughts down into Microsoft Word. I feel like the one constant in my life right now is the stress of figuring […]

The Best Places to Meditate on Campus

Meditation: It’s one of those things that you probably should be doing, but definitely aren’t, like eating five fruits a day or not looking at artificial light before bed. But considering the health benefits according to studies, like reducing anxiety, insomnia and making more folds in your brain which helps transmit signals faster, there’s no […]

The Genuine Freshman: Avoiding the Infamous Freshman Fifteen

  One difficult aspect of adjusting to college is getting into a routine of regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. For me, it was especially difficult because I was used to nutritious, home-cooked food every night, and I used to play sports in high school. I had the structure of daily exercise at athletic […]

The Value of Unpaid Internships

  I may be one of the few people my age who still sees the value in unpaid internships. I don’t believe in free, exploited labor, but the beauty of an unpaid internship lies in the age-old tradition of apprenticeship. Young adults works for a professional who is a master in their field, gaining experience, […]

With a Twist: Healthy is Not a Size

  Last week I discussed the top 10 ways to motivate yourself to exercise. Within the article, I mentioned that, “working out should not be about getting that ‘spring break body,’ but rather a way to to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes a positive body image.” This notion is something I feel is important […]

USC Rocket Propulsion Lab Soars Above Expectations

As a second semester junior, I have been a part of five clubs. Surprisingly, USC boasts over 800 student organizations, which put on a plethora of events on and off campus. Having only scratched the surface of a few student groups, this semester, I plan to take part in various meetings and events, in hopes […]