A Guide: Business Networking 101

1. Appearance is everything.  Welcome to the business and professional world, where that piece of paper you worked for four years for comes second to what kind of socks you are wearing. Just kidding — when dressing for a professional event or workday, dress to impress. You must embody the physicality of professional and success people […]

Big Sean delivers most worthwhile effort yet with Dark Side Paradise

“I started rapping Biggie Smalls in the basement/and now we headed towards the tallest skyscrapers,” Big Sean muses on “Dark Sky,” the opening track to his third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise. Sean sounds hungry – after four mixtapes and two studio albums he still feels like he has something to prove with this release. […]

Five types of people you’ll meet at Leavey

Let’s face it — Leavey library is not anyone’s favorite place on campus. But as much as we all roll our eyes at the questionable interior color scheme and resent the fact that we have to pay for printing, most students, if pressed, would likely admit that Leavey has come through for them in one […]

What’s Meghan Trainor all about? Hint: More than just “that bass.”

“Raise your hand if you are beautiful.” “Raise your hand if you are different.” — Meghan Trainor From Feb. 20 to 21, Meghan Trainor brought her “That Bass Tour” to Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre with the Australian band, Sheppard, opening for her. Despite having released her debut album just over a month ago, Trainor […]

25 things to do when you get the blues

Sometimes, manic Mondays become terrible Tuesdays. Sometimes, the horrible blues bleed into the precious holy land of weekends. Unfortunately, the blues can hit at the worst of times and the best of times; when you haven’t been able to see you friends in a long time or you have to read an entire Dickens novel […]

3 tips to braving through a feverish cold

Waking up in the morning with a heavy head, swollen glands and a stuffy nose is definitely a sign that you won’t be having much fun this week. Sometimes, the common cold can last a mere two days, but it can seem like forever. Classes seem to blur by, soup is your new best friend […]

On becoming an expert at napping

With spring semester almost halfway through, the hustle and bustle of everyday life is bound to wear down our bodies. There is a simple fix that we should all be incorporating into our daily routines. Napping. Though it seems hard, napping, is one of the greatest things you can do for your body to revitalize […]

The last leg: Honors theses and capstone projects

Both honors theses and capstone projects can be a daunting task for seniors. Here’s a peek into what some of our students have been doing for their final research projects.   Ani Misirian, neuroscience What is your thesis about? I’m writing about the effect a model air pollutant has on the expression of autism-associated genes […]

Spring Semester Edition: Expectations vs. Reality

So you made some new year’s resolutions for the spring semester — but how many did you actually stick with? Probably none. Expectation: I’m going to work so hard this semester and get ahead in all my classes by going to the library EVERY DAY. Reality: Does picking up Diddy Riese cookies in front of […]

A guide to non-university housing

This week, lottery for USC Housing next year is set from today through Thursday. Though USC Housing offers great off-campus options like CarGar, Century and Troy to its students, sometimes, it’s just not enough. Here are a few non-university-owned alternatives that are worth trying. If you are still confused as to where to live next year, […]