Sips Tea: The Power of Vulnerability

Half of me wants to spill all the tea that has been my life these past couple of weeks to you all and the other half of me wants nothing to do with other human beings right now. I’m not even sure what I wanted to talk about because lately I have been feeling so […]

USC Rain Survival Guide

Brace yourselves, SoCal residents; the apocalypse has arrived. No, it’s the not the heralded 9 point magnitude earthquake you were expecting, it’s something far, far worse: rain. But even as L.A. grinds to a halt, you don’t have to let some water falling from the sky ruin your day — or your cute outfit. Here are […]

The Genuine Freshman: Putting Yourself Out There

Last semester, I had a bit of a difficult adjustment because I could not find a club I enjoyed being a part of — I only joined two during the involvement fair. I ended up quitting both of them by the end of first semester, and I felt completely idle and lost without a group […]

Chinese Censorship of Feminism

Following the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world, Chinese women were noticeably absent from the international media spotlights. This is because street protests and demonstrations that “promote falsehoods” are illegal in China, and the Chinese government has a history of cracking down and retaliating against public events and figures that […]

The Genuine Freshman: Don’t Forget to Love Learning

  Something that can difficult about adjusting to freshman year is realizing that you may not necessarily be at the top of your class anymore. USC is a very selective institution, so we will be taking classes with an intellectual group of students, which is an excellent thing but can be intimidating. It was certainly […]

With a Twist: 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

    While I love to work out every day, sometimes I experience those days when I don’t have the motivation to go to the gym. It is not only because it is a far walk, but also because working out is a commitment for which I have to mentally prepare. So, how do you […]

What to Binge-Watch on Netflix this Week

Santa Clarita Diet Bon Appetit! Or should I say Bone App the Teeth? This show nails an interesting premise and provides a good weekend’s worth of binge-watching. Centered around a typical California suburban family where both parents are real-estate agents, the show turns pretty gross quickly when Sheila (Drew Barrymore) finds out she’s a zombie. […]

Midterm Season: Sleep or Study

The night before taking a midterm exam, students often contemplate whether it would be more beneficial for them to sleep or stay up all night studying. In my personal experience, I have noticed that most of my friends choose to pull an all-nighter the night before an exam in order to study. They spend the […]

How To: Quit Sugar

Most of us are aware that sugar (defined, in this case, as refined or added sugar) is far from ideal for our health. However, the extent to just how badly refined sugar affects our health (mental, emotional, physical) is vastly and scarily unknown. I’m not going to go into the physical effects of sugar here […]

Living Like a Hedonist

At 18 years old, a sixth of my life is quite possibly already over, maybe even a fifth. Never again will I be absolutely absolved from responsibility, the way I was when I was three and had all the time in the world, sparing not a thought to matters that did not involve Clifford the […]