Just cry: Your ultimate sad song playlist

Have you ever woken up feeling uneasy and empty? Or maybe you’ve had one of those days where nothing goes your way? Maybe you’ve just gone through a devastating break-up or just flunked that super tough midterm. Maybe you’re feeling homesick. Whatever it is, we all have had our fair share of bad days. While […]

Pope Francis’ rock album will awaken many

We all know that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, is beloved by scores of religious, and even secular, people around the world. His visit to the U.S. last week demonstrated that to a great extent. And, as of Nov. 27, rock fans around the world will have one more reason to love […]

Pink Floyd’s Animals lends profound perspective on politics

In 1977, Roger Waters was angry. The bassist and co-frontman of Pink Floyd had experienced, along with the rest of his bandmates, a meteoric rise to rock-stardom in a short four years. In 1973, Pink Floyd released one of rock’s most iconic and beloved albums, Dark Side of the Moon. Two years later, they released […]

Without country music, life would B flat

These days, country is a controversial music genre. The fans that have been listening to country since Johnny Cash first picked up a guitar would argue that the genre has been turned into something formulaic and commoditized. They would argue that the genre has lost touch with its roots, and it’s nothing more than watered-down […]

“Wildest Dreams” video doesn’t contain racist overtones

When I first watched Taylor Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams” during the 2015 VMAs, I didn’t think much of it. To me, it was just like all of her other music videos: visually stimulating and full of romance.  Critics such as Katherine Timpf of National Review, however, have been claiming that this music video […]

Mad Decent block party a whirlwind of fun

LOS ANGELES – Putting the ‘fun’ in Sunday Funday, on Sept. 20, Diplo, guest performers, and a stellar lineup of opening acts entertained a crowd of over 5,000 people at Mad Decent Block Party. The show is part of a series of 22 concerts in 19 cities ranging from Brooklyn to Toronto to LA hosted […]

Foo Fighters continue to fight on with electrifying rock

The Inglewood sun is setting and the sky takes on a blood orange hue. It is a dramatic scene fit for an evening with the Foo Fighters at The Forum, a venue that bears uncanny resemblance to the Roman Coliseum.   The average age of the concert-goers is predictably a little older than, say, that […]

Q & A with Campus Artists: Mackin Carroll and the band Felix

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mackin Carroll, a sophomore majoring in popular music with an emphasis in songwriting and bass at the Thornton School of Music. We talked about his personal musical ventures and Felix, a new band he formed with fellow students Jack DeMeo, Cooper Bell, Carter Couron and Larry […]

Mac DeMarco hits the mark with his new album Another One

While sporting overalls that appear to be part of an angler’s wardrobe on the cover of his new album Another One, Mac DeMarco is reeling in audiences with his latest eight-track production, released last month on Aug. 7. DeMarco has steadily gained supporters with the success of previous releases such as 2 and Salad Days, […]

The benefits of taking music classes at USC Thornton

Music to my ears · The USC Thornton School of Music attended the first ever Asia-Pacific Music Summit, held from April 2-5 in Sydney, Australia. -

The Thornton School of Music is one of the most prestigious and well known music institutions in the country. With a wide variety of classes and a myriad of talented and successful faculty members, the opportunities are endless for budding, experienced musicians. One of the most interesting aspects of taking a music class at USC […]