Rethinking the true value of superhero franchises

Whenever I hear people discuss movies, a solid three out of five times I’ll hear someone mention a superhero franchise. Did you watch The Avengers? Or The Guardians of the Galaxy? That one where Chris Evans is super ripped? As a film student, I’ve heard my fair share of criticism about these types of movies […]

Vinyl with a vengeance

Once relegated to the back corner of music stores and dusty storage boxes, vinyl records are making a comeback. Collector’s record shops are popping up from coast to coast. Rolling Stone reported that even in the economic downturn of 2010, vinyl sales started to climb. Most bands even release their EPs on vinyl –– Daft […]

Thoughts from someone who thinks too much

My philosophy class this semester has got me feeling a certain way — namely, outraged, furious and thoroughly nonplussed. Taught by a 300-year-old white professor who suspiciously resembles Aristotle himself, the class contends this week with Zeno’s paradox of motion. Walking across a room, as Zeno describes, requires walking half the distance to the other […]