Remake offers classic horror thrills for modern audiences

In 1941, Universal Pictures released the archetypal werewolf movie, The Wolf Man. Chilling and atmospheric, the film told the story of a man (Lon Chaney Jr.) who, upon returning to his father’s home in Wales, was bitten by a werewolf and inherited the now-infamous curse. In addition to providing moviegoers with 70 minutes of fright, […]

Colorful musical theater at its most interactive

Theater is immersion. So when some chump a few rows over is making moment-killing noises during a show — whether that’s pneumonic coughs or ill-timed whoops of praise — standard protocol is to give them the stink eye. I have never known an exception to this rule. I like my theaters kept relatively silent, especially […]

Ambitious proposal a little too green

When I’m craving some In-N-Out, a BJ’s pizzookie or Diddy Riese, Westwood is my destination. With a car full of people, I make the trek to Bruin land and usually park in the parking structure on Broxton Avenue. The lot is often busy, so I drive past the long, empty row of spots reserved as […]

High flying ex-Trojan DeRozan on display

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … DeMar DeRozan? Not quite. But for this weekend, he will have to do. Nobody is going to mistake the former USC basketball star for Superman. Nobody will even mistake him for Super Dwight. But on Saturday night, DeMar DeRozan will have me watching the slam dunk competition […]

This Chinese language fad too, shall pass

Prevailing wisdom states that proficiency in multiple languages is an invaluable tool for experiences like studying abroad or perhaps making a good impression; Americans admire those who have managed to become fluent in at least one language other than English. But to others, like our European counterparts, being fluent in at least two languages other […]