Students should have input in successor

On Monday, USC President Steven B. Sample announced his retirement in August, bringing an end to a 19-year tenure marked by great achievement in the academic, athletic and financial profiles of the university. The progress made under Sample’s leadership is easily quantifiable — the school’s ranking has risen from 51st to a highly respectable 26th […]

Film uses science, not religion, to debate Darwin

With nothing but a projector screen and folding chairs, the tiny Embassy Auditorium of the Davidson Conference Center is a far cry from the 50-foot-high IMAX theater where Darwin’s Dilemma was originally scheduled to be screened. Even though the California Science Center recently backed out of its contract to host the film’s Los Angeles premiere, […]

Snow Patrol’s mix tape won’t last through the ‘Night’

In the ’90s, girls and boys raced to boom boxes to listen to the latest mix tape made by their significant others. But in a generation where iPods have replaced CDs and cassette tapes, the personalized compilations in which teenagers poured their souls have turned into mechanical playlists created by the genius button in iTunes. […]