In search of storylines during a USC bye week

Today is a tough day for columnists. It’s the Thursday before an open Saturday and after a statement Saturday. In laymen’s terms: USC doesn’t play this Saturday. And last Saturday, the Trojans silenced all the critics. Can the defense handle the Heisman front-runner Jahvid Best? Yes. He’s now on the Heisman backburner. Can the offense […]

Comedian brings volume, not comedy, to film

Five minutes into Stark Raving Black, I started looking at my watch. Then I realized I do not own a watch and proceeded to start daydreaming about what my watch would look like if I did wear one, and whether or not it would suit me. Then Lewis Black yelled, and my attention snapped back […]

You don’t need a canvas to make art

Sports are an art. They really are. Sometimes we lose sight of that, with our focus as fans going toward making the playoffs or qualifying for the national championship game. We forget why we were attracted to sports in the first place. Plain and simple, it’s because the things athletes can do with their feet, […]