I succumbed to the cult of the Margiela Tabi boot

Tabi shoes aren’t as polarizing as cilantro, but they come pretty close. It’s impossible to feel ambivalent about them: You either love them or you hate them, and you know which camp you’re in the moment you lay eyes on them.

Cannabis strain categories are misleading, incorrect

So, why do we still categorize weed — a substance used for its medicinal and state-of-mind-altering properties — incorrectly? The problem is twofold: historical plant classifications became warped over time and cannabis entered the mainstream without proper standardization or research into its strains’ myriad effects.

‘Dolittle’ is a lousy, wretched waste of money

This movie is a mind-numbing, soul-crushing, spirit-breaking endeavor that will sap you of your will to live and squash your faith in humanity. Watching it is the equivalent of bashing your skull into a wall for an hour and 41 minutes — both will obliterate the same number of brain cells.

SAG 2020: A night of expected wins and upsets

For more than two decades, the Screen Actors Guild Awards have brought Hollywood’s most talented and glamorous performers to the Shrine Auditorium to celebrate the best performances in film and television. Last Sunday, the 26th SAG Awards followed suit and once again created a classy ceremony honoring the great work from this past year.

‘Circles’ is how you release an album posthumously

There is no right answer for releasing posthumous music — a sentiment expressed by the family of rapper Mac Miller who died in 2018 from an accidental overdose. But his latest and possibly final album might be the blueprint for bringing music to life after death.